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ASHLI BABBITT: Why Did The Chief Medical Examiner Try To Order A Rushed Cremation?

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If Ashli Babbitt’s death had already raised some serious red flags… what do you suppose a story like this one does for public confidence that we have been getting the true story?

From the time Babbit’s death became known, any question by the family or the public about a government employee putting a fatal bullet into an unarmed woman without any evidence of a verbal warning to stop has been met with a coordinated wall of silence.

Judicial Watch went looking for answers, and what they got sounds more like a plot twist from the alternative-history show ‘The Man In The High Castle’ than anything Americans should expect from a duly-elected representative government.

The Chief Medical Examiner tried to order Ashli Babbitt, a veteran(!), cremated only 2 days after taking custody of her body. What do you suppose an indignity like that would have done to a family still grieving the fact that she was shot dead by her own government?

That by itself is outrageous, but as the press release gives us more detail, some of it is un-freaking-believable…

Judicial Watch announced today that it received 1160 pages of documents from Washington, DC’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) related to Air Force veteran and San Diego native Ashli Babbitt. These new documents reveal that OCME submitted a request for permission to cremate Babbitt only two days after taking custody of her body and that ‘due to the “high profile nature” of Babbitt’s case, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Francisco Diaz requested that a secure electronic file with limited access be created for Babbitt’s records.

Additionally, Babbitt’s fingerprints were emailed to a person supposedly working for the DC government, which resulted in Microsoft “undeliverable” messages written in Chinese characters being returned.

Babbitt was shot and killed by an unidentified law enforcement officer as she attempted to climb through a broken interior window in the Capitol Building, located outside the Speaker’s Lobby off the House Floor during the January 6 disturbance. She was unarmed. At the time of the shooting, several officers reportedly can be seen in videos, standing in the crowd of protestors in which Babbitt was present.

Some other details in the press release include…

On January 13, 2021, an email was sent saying COD-Gunshot wound to left anterior shoulder. MOD-Homicide.” [COD is cause of death, and MOD is manner of death]

That same information was not released by the OCME until April 7.

Babbitt’s body was labeled as ‘unidentified female’ and ‘WF’.

The full document release can be found here.

Between this, and the runaround the public was given over Officer Sicknick’s cause of death, we need to start asking some hard questions about the degree of corruption afflicting the institutions upon whose objectivity we depend for the conviction or release of American Citizens in our courts of law.

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