China Eats Kamala’s Lunch In Vietnam … Upstages Her Announcement With Bigger Pledge

Published on August 26, 2021

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The 3-hour delay in Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Vietnam was costly on the PR front as China swooped in and upstaged the United States.

VP Harris was scheduled to leave Singapore for Vietnam at 4 pm on Tuesday, but it was delayed by several hours because of a case of “Havana Syndrome” at the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi. The plane was delayed for almost 3 hours and then set off for Vietnam.

BREAKING: VP Kamala Harris’s Flight From Singapore To Vietnam Delayed Due To ‘Havana Syndrome’

During that window, the Chinese government took the opportunity to rush upstage the United States by announcing that the CCP was donating 2 million doses of their Sinopharm vaccine for the Wuhan virus as Vietnam is experiencing a surge in cases with the spread of the Delta variant.

Harris was announcing that the United States was donating 1 million doses of the newly-FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine.

Chinese officials exploited Vice President Kamala Harris’ plane delay to Vietnam on Tuesday by sending a diplomat to offer the country two million COVID vaccines ahead of Harris’s announcement that the US would donate a million shots.

Harris was set to announce a United States donation of 1 million Pfizer doses to the people of Vietnam on her trip, in an effort to build closer ties with the former enemy to draw back Chinese influence in the area, according to the Washington Post.

But when Harris’ team experienced a three-hour flight delay, after her office was made aware of an investigation into two possible cases of the so-called Havana Syndrome in Hanoi, Chinese officials took advantage.

They sent their ambassador to the country, Xiong Bo, to met with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and offer 2 million doses of its own Sinopharm COVID vaccine.
Source: Daily Mail

Despite having the genome sequence earlier than anyone else and destroying documents from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Sinopharm vaccine developed in China is significantly less effective at preventing infection from the coronavirus. Compared to Pfizer’s reported 94% efficacy, Sinopharm’s efficacy is 79%, however, a study from Peru shows it is much lower — 50.4%.

Here is Harris making the announcement at the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology where 270,000 doses of the vaccine arrived.

Harris is on a tour of South Asia to shore up allies in the area and stand against the Chinese government which has recently been throwing its weight around in the region.

The Biden-Harris administration talks pretty tough, but as we’ve seen in Afghanistan — when the fit hits the shan, this admin is willing to be at the mercy of terrorists, and abandon Americans and our allies to fend for themselves.

It’s utterly shameful.

Do you think that this strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies, or just make us look like an absolute joke?

If the Biden-Harris administration can’t tell the Taliban — a bunch of insurrectionists — that we’ll get our people out and we don’t give a damn about their “red line”, do you think that talking tough with China is going to do a darned thing?

It would be nice if the “Big Guy” took a second and had a chat with his buddy Xi and made sure that he understands that the United States won’t allow them to just waltz in and take over control of the South China Sea. But then, he’d need a spine to do that.