Dear Parents – Teach Your Kids to Righteously Rebel

Written by Doug Giles on August 31, 2021

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You’d never know it by turning on Christian TV, but you’ll never find a sissified version of Jesus in the pages of Holy Writ.

No, my friends, if you really want to take your personal cue from that old WWJD question, it might surprise you to learn the answer to that question might look more like William Wallace than Ghandi. If Jesus showed up in a town hall meeting today, He just might come to ‘pick a fight’.

Don’t let His ‘Prince of Peace’ title confuse you. You’re not thinking Christ was calling on His people to march under the white flag of surrender, are you? Nah, you’re smarter than that.

He came to throw the cat among the pidgeons. To challenge humanity’s self-destructive old way of doing things without Him. To establish the Kingdom of Heaven in the hearts and minds of men and women.

And maybe you didn’t notice, but when the title deeds of hearts and minds start changing hands like that, the old owners no likey. The old order tends to hit back.

If we’re truly doing it Jesus’ way, when they start hitting back is just when the fun gets started. That’s when God tends to show up and things get really interesting.

Pharoah and Moses. Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Paul and Peter boldly preaching Christ, while standing before their accusers.

So many of us never get to that point, because we cut and run from the fight long before things get interesting.

But maybe you, or your kids, don’t know yet how to pick a righteous fight? Or you’re still a little light on the courage you’ll need to see it through? You’ve come to the right place. Today’s show will get you started down the right road.