WATCH: Biden Snaps At Journo For Asking How He Could Say Cuomo Did A ‘Helluva Job’ When He’s Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Written by K. Walker on August 11, 2021

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Joe Biden was visibly annoyed with CNN’s White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins… again.

On Tuesday afternoon, after shuffling back inside the White House after a trip to Delaware, Biden commented on the big news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had resigned in disgrace a week after the state Attorney General, Letitia James, announced that the investigation into inappropriate behavior found that the “Love Gov” Cuomo had likely sexually harassed multiple women.

That story here:

BREAKING: New York’s ‘Love Gov’ Resigns In Disgrace Over Sexual Harassment Accusations (VIDEO)

Biden said that he respected the decision that Cuomo made.

When he had to answer questions from the press, President Biden said that Cuomo has “done a helluva a job” and it’s “so sad” that he had to resign. This despite the deadly nursing home order, the subsequent cover-up of the death toll from the order, and bullying New York lawmakers that blasted him for the unnecessary deaths while Javits and the Navy ship sat there underutilized as the pandemic ravaged nursing homes.

This is where CNN journo, Kaitlan Collins jumped in and asked Biden how he could say that he’s done a “hell of a job” while he’s sexually harassing women while he’s on the job.

Biden snapped at her and says that he’s answering a question about Cuomo’s overall performance as Governor of New York.

This isn’t the first time that Collins has managed to tick off the President with her questions. She did the same during the G7 Summit after his meeting with Putin.

WATCH: Biden Blasts CNN Journo For Asking Him A Tough Question Then Doesn’t Answer Her

Biden has had some very awkward and outright bizarre interactions with reporters lately.

But, to her credit, Kaitlan Collins was asking the tough question. It’s a rather shocking thing for a CNN reporter to do. But, it did need to be done.

Biden has been on record praising Cuomo before and has also said that he should resign if he had sexually harassed women.

Back when he was still in his Campaign HQ in his basement in Delaware — Joe called Cuomo the “gold standard” among governors in the response to the pandemic.

Of course, we know that he caused thousands of deaths with his order forcing nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients, and he knew that it would be deadly. Back in April 2020, ClashDaily reported that nursing home patients who had tested positive for the coronavirus were sent back with a supply of body bags.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sent COVID Patients To Retirement Homes–With A Supply Of Body Bags

Today, Biden said Cuomo did a “helluva job” and didn’t condemn any of Cuomo’s awful and deadly pandemic response.

On August 3, when New York Attorney General Letitia James released the Cuomo sexual harassment report, Biden said that Cuomo should resign.

Earlier the same day, he snapped at a reporter who asked a question about the Cuomo report that he wasn’t ready for.

Back in March, when talking to George Stephanopoulos, Biden said that if the NY AG’s report found evidence of wrongdoing by Cuomo, he should resign. He then went further and told Bill Clinton’s hatchet man that there should be criminal charges if he had sexually harassed women.

Joe Biden has also been accused of being oblivious to how his behavior has made women feel, and Tara Reade has come forward with a “credible accusation” that he digitally raped her when she was working as a Senate aide back in the early 1990s.

If it was right for Cuomo to step aside, surely it’s also right for the guy that has been sniffing women and children while he’s oblivious that they are uncomfortable and has been accused of shoving his finger into a woman’s body against her will should resign, right?

You know that isn’t gonna happen, despite the Democrats’ newfound respect for the rule of law and their sudden lightbulb moment that it isn’t okay for leftwing “feminist” men to get all grabby with women.

Even in the Democratic Party, there are some animals that are just more equal than others.

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