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WATCH: Gym Bro Nailed It On Gov’t Pandemic Response LAST YEAR — It’s About Creating A ‘Slave Class’

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How is it some guy who spends his time in a gym and not a lab coat was able to predict with such pinpoint accuracy what our ‘experts’ got so very, very wrong?

Back when Joe, Kamala, and Cuomo were still telling the public not to believe Trump’s claim that a vaccine was coming, or that it could be trusted when it got here, Chris Sky was already a couple of steps ahead of them, correctly predicting what those same experts are telling us now.

Here is Chris in an interview explaining what’s really going on with the obsession about locking down. (He’s talking about Canada, but Dems here caught the same authoritarian fever.)

He traveled in Europe during the pandemic and noticed a lot of countries where they were getting along just fine without their mask mandates. Even in some crowded spaces. He names countries from Finland and Sweden all the way down to Egypt.

A few countries like Brussels and Germany were enforcing masks and distancing, but most were not.

‘Once you take your vaccine … they are going to tell you, sorry, the vaccine isn’t as effective as we thought it was going to be so you’ve still gotta wear your mask, still gotta get contact traced, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, and what did you get out of all this? You got a whole year where you weren’t able to travel, your business was closed, they took your rights and freedoms, they forced the vaccine on you and what happened? The same amount of people died. They put us all on lockdown and bring it all the way until July of next year so that they can do the same thing again!’

Melissa Tate’s tweet says July 31, but the original interview aired on YouTube much earlier than that. Here is the full video that was posted on October 2, 2020.

He nails it again here. Their end game is the vaccine passport.

He even cites a UN document that everyone is using as their template.

Remind us again, which side is the one that is supposedly ‘anti-science’, because one of the key features of science is the ability to make successful predictions about the world around us. And it sure looks like a gym bro just blew the labcoat crowd clean out of the water in the predictions game.

With Biden threatening to withhold Federal funds from anyone who doesn’t make vaccines mandatory, and CNN firing 3 staffers for not being vaccinated, it’s hard to argue with his claim that vaccine passports ARE the end-game.

The left near lost their mind over the off-label use of a certain anti-malarial medication with almost no side effects that has a known safety track record of about seven decades. (We suspect they were more concerned by the lack of any shiny new patent that could be exploited for billions in profit.) Meanwhile, they have zero hesitation with insisting on making a vaccine with ‘provisional’ status mandatory for the entire public.

Now might be a good time to remind our readers that the reason these vaccines have provisional status is that the virus it was made to cure wasn’t even known to the public until a year and a half ago.

So obviously, we really have no idea of what long-term effects (if any), these revolutionary new vaccines will have. Any assurances we might be given will be based solely on data gained by one or another proxy that is being held up as a comparable.

This is not the same as actual data and testing of the vaccines themselves. That process takes time… the whole reason feds are so slow in approving new medications in the first place.

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