ANDREW CUOMO: Now Faces Criminal Charges For MeToo Allegations

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2021

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If you’re a New Yorker who now fondly remembers 2020 as the ‘good old days’, you might be… Andrew Cuomo.

Just last year, the The Luv Guv (awkward!) was on the top of the world. Daily press conferences. Winning an Emmy award. Big book deal. Counterweight to the much-hated Trump. He was even floated as a dark horse presidential contender in some fevered imaginations. Only Fauci got liberal hearts more a-flutter than Andrew Cuomo.

Oh what a difference a year makes.

Ironically, Cuomo was the among first ‘COVID Heroes’ in New York to lose their job. He SHOULD have been canned for his leading role in killing so many grannnies and grandpas. But that would have called Blue State tyranny more generally into quesiton, and nobody in the cloistered circles of the elite wanted THAT.

Instead of that ugly story rearing its head, a string of women claiming to have been MeToo-ed by Andrew Cuomo suddenly had their stories see the light of day.

Why that parade of damning stories all came forward this year, instead of some time previously, would make for an interesting investigative piece in its own right, for someone with the resources to do the relevant digging.

Whatever the reason, whichever forces that had defended him and propped him up before were no longer powerful enough to shield him from these accusations. Even his own party turned him.

Rather than facing a humiliating impeachment process, he chose to retire.

He was no longer in public life, but that did not mean his troubles were over.

Cuomo is now facing criminal misdemeanor charges for … grabbing a woman’s private parts. (In his case, a breast.) We anxiously await the entire staff of CNN to break out those pink knit caps from 2017 in solidarity with Cuomo’s accusor. Or maybe the Handmaids’ Tale outfits that were so popular in the Kavanaugh hearings when leftwing broadcasters all ‘believed the victim’… even when they were disproven.

The complaint alleges that at around 4 p.m. on December 7, 2020, at the executive mansion in Albany, Cuomo “intentionally and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place[d] his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim and onto her intimate body part. Specifically, the victim’s left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires.”

…The charges appear to stem from allegations made by Cuomo’s former aide Brittany Commisso, who said in August that the governor groped her in December 2019 and again in November 2020.

Commisso told “CBS Mornings” that during the alleged November incident, Cuomo “put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast over my bra.” — CBS

If they had actionable dirt like this on Trump, they’d be reenacting the predawn arrests that we saw with Manafort and Roger Stone. But this is a New York Democrat.

He is due in court Nov. 17 to answer for the charge, but Sheriff Craig Apple Sr. said Cuomo’s detractors shouldn’t anticipate seeing the former governor in handcuffs.

“I don’t believe they’ll be a perp walk or handcuffs, we’re not looking to showboat anything,” Apple told Talk1300 radio. The sheriff did say Cuomo would be fingerprinted and photographed when he surrenders. —NBC

Cuomo’s team is ‘outraged’ that Sheriff Apple didn’t keep them informed of every detail of the case as it progressed. They’re calling it a partisan hit. He was ready for that accusation.

“The reality is this is a misdemeanor. If we sat down and talked to the district attorney about every misdemeanor arrest that we made, David [Soares] would need more staff and I’d need more staff,” the sheriff said.

“People are making it out to be the crime of the century. This is standard, you know how that camp is. They attack your credibility, they attack everything and try to just throw cover over what really occurred,” [Sheriff Craig] Apple [Sr] said in response to attacks from Cuomo’s team. —NBC

The Sheriff went further than that.

“What really disgusted me is that Mr. Cuomo’s attorney made a point of talking to our counsel and was inquiring as to when my next re-election is. Basically insinuating that that’s what their plan was. That this is all politics and I need this for re-election,” said Sheriff Apple.

On November 17, Sheriff Apple said Cuomo will have to answer to the complaint charging him with a sex crime. He said Cuomo will be arraigned, fingerprinted, photographed and then presumably released on that day.

“We have a very strong case.,” said Sheriff Apple. “Our investigators did a great job. They’re in constant contact with our complainant and our victim.” —News10

Let’s get this straight. Rich, powerful, and politically well-connected Democrat politicians in Blue centers of power have been known to throw around the politics of personal destruction as a defensive tactic?

You don’t say..? You mean something like blaming Trump for massive deaths in New York that came as a direct result of bad government policy with Cuomo’s signature on it… and then hiding the evidence when the AG asks for it? HEY KILLER CUOMO: Your AG Says You’ve Been Cooking The Books On Nursing Home Deaths… Why?

Sounds like that’s a question we still need answers for. But it’s not as if we can trust Biden’s wingman to do any honest digging there. To some politicians, New Yorkers’ lives are only as important as the agenda their votes can be harnessed to implement.

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