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Are COVIDictators Denying You Your Lifesaving Organ Transplant? Come Get One In Texas!

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The entire premise of Federalism is that each state would be free to conduct itself based upon its own values and priorities.

The deep blue states have a fondness for panic and government overreach. Red states have a more ‘live and let live’ approach.

And nowhere does that difference appear more starkly drawn than in the decision about whether medical staff has an obligation to offer medical care to everyone who needs it, or only those it deems ‘worthy’.

We have seen hospitals in several states now make it abundantly clear that if you do not have a vaccination, you will be refused an organ transplant at their facilities — even if the transplant in question is life-saving surgery.

Hospital Tells Woman She May Be Denied Live-Saving Lung Transplant Unless She Gets The COVID Jab

MEDICAL APARTHEID: Hospital Denies Kidney Transplant For Unvaxxed Woman With Stage 5 Renal Failure

These are two cases on which ClashDaily has reported. There have been others as well.

Fortunately for those needing life-saving surgery, patients in such tight spots are not left entirely without options. Not in a country where states are free to set their own local rules on such policies.

Now, many Texans – including the governor himself – are saying those denied transplants will be welcome in the Lone Star state.

“Here in Texas, vaccines remain voluntary and never forced,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office told Fox News in a statement. “Anyone being denied critical, life-saving organ transplants is welcome here in Texas, where one’s rights and freedoms are always protected.”

Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain, a Republican, told Fox News he was happy that Texas hospitals have, for now at least, “chosen to put patients before politics.”

“It seems too many in the medical profession have forgotten their oaths,” Cain said.

Meanwhile, the Niklas Organ Donor Awareness Foundation, based in Grand Prairie, Texas, is offering to help people like McLaughlin and Lutali find housing while they await organ transplants in Texas. –FoxNews

Refusing to give sick people life-saving medical care unless they comply to your vaccine mandate is a helluva callous way to tell the world you are holding the ‘moral high ground’.

But that doesn’t stop the militant left from trying to do just that.

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