Guy Fired For Being White & Male Goes To Court… Wins BIG

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2021

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Get ready for a whole new meaning of ‘get woke go broke’.

For a few years now, that has been a catchphrase for businesses shooting themselves in the foot when they get so ‘gung-ho’ to join the left’s latest cultural bandwagon that they see an immediate blowback from the customers they’ve offended.

Even so, American corporate culture is still terrified of offending the left’s malicious cancel culture arsenal, so they have been relentlessly joining whatever bandwagon is thrown their way… even if that means embracing policies that are both racist and illegal to do so.

But that doesn’t mean the people whose lives are ruined by these woke corporate policies have no recourse. They can still bring their complaints before a judge. And sometimes, they can win.

A former top executive in a North Carolina-based healthcare system who claimed in a lawsuit that he lost his job because he is a white male was awarded $10 million by a federal jury on Tuesday.

In his 2019 lawsuit, David Duvall said he lost his job as senior vice president of marketing and communication at Novant Health due to efforts to diversify top leadership positions, news outlets reported. The jury said Novant Health failed to prove that it would have dismissed Duvall regardless of his race.

…Duvall said in his lawsuit that he was fired in 2018 without warning or explanation shortly before his fifth anniversary with the company. He said he was replaced by two women, one Black and one white. Duvall, who worked in Mecklenburg County, accused Novant of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits race and gender discrimination in the workplace. — ModernHealthCare

If you do a websearch of key words like corporations, diversity, leadership for the year of 2018, you will see that there was a surge of interest (read: political pressure) for boardrooms to meet certain arbitrary diversity criteria. Failure to intentionally elevate the preferred groups to prominent positions within the company came with the risk of public shaming in the form of anything from boycotts and protests to derogatory press.

Not surprisingly, many companies took the ‘discretion is the better part of valor’ approach and made staffing decisions based on what boxes they checked rather than their personal merit and potential contribution to the company.

The strategy is not really any different than corporations sticking dumb politicians on boards to tap into their social networks for favors and influence.

The problem with this plan is, there is an actual victim. And that victim has something on his side called the Constitution.

If he’s motivated enough, and knows his rights, he can cause a hell of a problem for the corporation that snubbed him to comply with Woke ‘identity’ quotas.

Does this ruling mean that corporations will suddenly have learned their lesson? Of course not. Many of them are run by graduates of elite schools that have long since gulped down the hard-left Kool-aid.

But a ruling like this gives anyone making this decision 10 million reasons to think long and hard about whether he’s going to make a staffing decision based on race and gender.

Because you know the woke brigades will have no interest in setting up a Go Fund Me to help offset the court judgment of someone who rode their bandwagon.

Who else should think long and hard about this ruling?

Anyone who is taking their guidance from either that 1619 Project, the radical CRT theorists, or White House directions on ‘equity’ replacing ‘equality’… which includes General Milley.

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