If Your Church Is Bereft Of Warriors, It’s Cursed

Written by Doug Giles on October 6, 2021

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How does a holy and just God deal with people when His patience is running out?

Some of the most dramatic examples in scripture include the series of plagues that knocked Pharoah on his back, and the Babylonian Exile, where his own people were put to the sword, their cities were put to the torch, and their people were scattered to live under the rule of a wicked empire.

But not every divine negative sanction comes back to plagues and famine and war.

There is one flavor of divine judgment described in scripture that looks a whole lot like what we’re living through today.

This isn’t one of those generic happy-clappy candy-floss sermons about God lavishing us with good things no matter how naughty-naughty we’ve been.

Nope. It’s got some seminary-level theological steak for you to sink your teeth into about how God deals with His people … because a Holy God loves us enough to correct us when we’re headed completely off the map.

It’s not hard to foster the rowdy culture in your home. The sort of defiant righteous swagger that keeps Satan up at night. The best way to foster it in your own home is to reflect it in your art.

It’s not something you can get from just ANY kind of Christian art. It will have to be something like this…

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David & Goliath: From Dore’s Lithograph

Check out the whole series of Biblical Badass artwork. There are a couple of dozen in there to provoke and inspire.

Here are a few examples…