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PEACE PREZ: Trump’s Abraham Accords STILL Paying New Dividends A Year Later…

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Had there been a (D) after his name, this one diplomatic accomplishment would have been more than enough to score Trump the peace prize.

While Joe Biden is doing his best to burn down to America’s foreign policy in everything he touches — toppling Afghanistan and alienating France for instance — accomplishments made during the Trump presidency are coming along nicely.

The Middle East Crisis was widely viewed as the Gordian Knot of international diplomacy, and while the Palestinians have turned their back on the deal that had been laid out as a way forward between themselves and Israel, Israel turned their attention to their other neighbors.

The success they had with the Abraham Accords has snowballed as it continues to gain momentum.

Abraham Accords countries are helping Israel forge diplomatic relations with more states in the region, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid told the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly on Tuesday.

The Abraham Accords are “a great process in the region and outside the region, and we are hopeful that we can expand this to other countries as well,” Lapid said in a video conference with JFNA chairman Mark Wilf. “As it was before, I wouldn’t name names because this will harm the process.”

Lapid said the US, as well as Bahrain, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates are helping Israel in those efforts.

As for the three countries with which Israel established diplomatic relations last year, Lapid said, “We are in the process of going to peace on paper to bringing peace in reality. That includes agreements in agriculture, water, technology and more.” — JPost

It’s easy for Joe Biden to snipe at Trump and gripe about the horrible problems he inherited. But when you compare specific, measurable accomplishments like the Abraham Accords, like more than a year without a casualty in Afghanistan, or the destruction of the ISIS Caliphate, the increased foreign investment in NATO, energy independence, renegotiated Trade Agreements and a Remain in Mexico policy that brought illegal immigration to a trickle..?

Compared to that, it’s tough to point to anything Joe has done in his first few months that even suggests basic political competence, let alone any of the great accomplishments we were promised with his smug line of ‘America’s Back’.

His party is getting ready to crash the economy — with the risk of devaluing the currency to the point of it no longer being the standard currency of global business dealings.

At this point, the only way most of us could say ‘America’s Back’ in any connection with a Biden presidency would be to say that it was where Biden plunged the knife.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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