Lincoln Project Claims CREDIT For Tiki Torch Stunt In Virginia And CNN’s Cuomo Lets Them Spin It

Written by K. Walker on October 30, 2021

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The disgruntled anti-Trump former Republicans have said that they will continue with the “reminders of Charlottesville” at Youngkin events in the last few days of the gubernatorial race.

Let’s see how that works out for them.

On Friday, ClashDaily posted an article about the Tiki torch stunt at a Glenn Youngkin rally in Charlottesville and noted that several Democrat operatives were spotted in the sad, little group in their uniform of a white button-down shirt, khakis, camo ballcaps, and sunglasses.

BUSTED: Democrat Operatives Outed As Fake ‘Tiki Torch’ Nazis At Glenn Youngkin Rally

The people identified have all had their social media accounts go dark or disappear entirely.

Later on Friday, after the publication of the article, there was a plot twist — The Lincoln Project claimed credit for the stunt that was filled with Democrat operatives.

The disgraced anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project is facing intense backlash for orchestrating the viral hoax involving tiki torch-holding individuals associating themselves with the Youngkin campaign.

Twitter was set ablaze after images of a group wearing white shirts, khakis, baseball caps and sunglasses stood alongside the campaign bus of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin reportedly vocal expressing support for the Republican, according to local NBC affiliate anchor Elizabeth Holmes.

The imagery of the tiki torches was apparently meant to invoke the white nationalists who participated in the deadly events of Charlottesville in 2017.
Source: Fox News

It was a stupid stunt since the only people on the planet who believe that the Charlottesville “Fine People” hoax is real are Democrats.

Even CNN’s Glory Boy, Jim Acosta, admitted on that very day that Trump condemned the KKK and white supremacists in Charlottesville.

But facts don’t matter to the dunderheads at The Lincoln Project — it’s all about narrative. And let’s face it, it wasn’t the first time that Democrats dressed up as racists. There’s a long, long history of that from the 1924 DNC convention often referred to as the “Klanbake” to the current crop of aging Democrats’ love of former KKK recruiter, Senator Robert Byrd, to Virginia Governor Ralph “I can’t remember if I wore the blackface or the Klan hood” Northam, Dems have a sketchy history dressing up like racists.

And you’d think with all of the bad press and outright mockery The Lincoln Project would try to explain it away, but they didn’t — they defended it.

They posted a statement on their website.

“Glenn Youngkin has said: ‘President Trump represents so much of why I am running.’ Youngkin proves it every day by trying to divide Virginians using racial code words like Critical Race Theory and supporting a ban on teaching the works of America’s only Black Nobel laureate.

“The Lincoln Project has run advertisements highlighting the hate unleashed in Charlottesville as well as Glenn Youngkin’s continued failure to denounce Donald Trump’s ‘very fine people on both sides.’ We will continue to draw this contrast in broadcast videos, on our social media platforms, and at Youngkin rallies.

“Today’s demonstration was our way of reminding Virginians what happened in Charlottesville four years ago, the Republican Party’s embrace of those values, and Glenn Youngkin’s failure to condemn it.

“The Youngkin campaign is enraged by our reminder of Charlottesville for one simple reason: Glenn Youngkin wants Virginians to forget that he is Donald Trump’s candidate.

“We will continue to hold Glenn Youngkin accountable. If he will denounce Trump’s assertion that the Charlottesville rioters possessed ‘very fine’ qualities, we’ll withdraw the tiki torches. Until then, we’ll be back.”
Source: The Lincoln Project

One of the Lincoln Project idiots was on Chris Cuomo’s show on Friday night after a full day of the stunt being laughed at all over the Twitterverse.

The Lincoln Project was so proud of this interview, they posted the clip on Twitter with a quote from James Carville pushing the Charlottesville “Fine People” Hoax and trying it to Glenn Youngkin. They actually quote the Democrat strategist who became famous for saying, “If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find,” when women were coming forward credibly accusing then-President Bill Clinton of sexual assault and harassment.

Stuart Stevens, the former Chief Strategist for the failed 2012 Romeny Presidential campaign, is saying that bringing up Charlottesville is a strategy and Democrats are going to these Lincoln Project losers to learn how to win. Good luck with that.

After the group claimed credit for the stunt ISIS-style, right-wing Twitter went nuts denouncing the hacks at The Lincoln Project.

While many believed that this scuzzy thing was typical Lincoln Project fare, Brian Riedl of the Manhattan Institute tweeted that it might be just falling on the sword to spare the McAuliffe campaign the embarrassment.

The Lincoln Project is obsessed with painting the GOP as racist. The day before the stunt, they put out an anti-Youngkin ad hearkening back to Charlottesville and pushing the repeatedly debunked “Fine People” Hoax.

Convenient timing.

Let’s not forget who these grifters at the Lincoln Project are. They turned a blind eye to the sexual predations of one of their founders until they were shamed into denouncing him.

They stole a meme from a teen and passed it off as theirs:

America’s enemies seem to love them…

…and the feeling seems to be mutual.

Steve Schmidt, one of the founders of The Lincoln Project, was John McCain’s campaign manager for his 2008 presidential run. He tried getting a job with the Trump campaign but was rebuffed.

It seems that the entire Lincoln Project schtick is just a bunch of disgruntled political grifters who are upset that they weren’t allowed to sit at the adult table in 2016.

Schmidt has been lauded by the left for registering as a Democrat in 2020.

At least he’s being open with the group’s donors now. Despite claiming to be a group of anti-Trump Republicans committed to reforming the GOP by… voting for Democrats?… The Lincoln Project gets most of its funding from Democrats. It’s a giant grift, and the libs don’t seem to realize it.

One of the other founders, Rick Wilson, was owned by a cartoon news show for this very thing.

That’s the same guy who mocked Trump supporters on Don Lemon’s CNN show as the “credulous boomer rube demo” and went after Dominos Pizza for a nearly 8-year old tweet and got owned by the pizza chain.

Glenn Greenwald, who is described by Tucker Carlson as  “the most independent of independent journalists” posted some receipts to show how The Lincoln Project is just a left-wing grift machine with an “ex-GOP” sticker slapped on it.

They’re sucking money from idiot Dems who don’t realize they’re being duped, so… credit for that.

But really, our entire political sphere would be much healthier without groups like The Lincoln Project and their ilk.

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