WATCH: When Public School Descends Into Chaos … Hero Dads Answer The Call

Written by Wes Walker on October 23, 2021

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Ivory tower elites endlessly write off dads as unimportant, but ‘Dads On Duty’ just proved how ignorant those elites really are.

Shreveport Lousiana had a serious problem in one of their schools last week. The boys were out of control.

Fighting was rampant. Dozens of arrests were made.

But this week, something is different. The school is still open, but there’s a very different vibe there. What changed?

Someone stepped up.

It wasn’t someone with an education degree or some expert in criminology. They didn’t bring in behavioral psychiatrists or social workers. They brought in the real experts.

“We decided the best people who could take care of our kids are … us.’

So they did exactly that. And it’s working amazingly well.

Dad jokes and ‘the look’ have done more to turn that around than an army of people with more degrees than a thermometer could ever have dreamed possible.

About 40 Southwood dads hang out at the school in shifts.

Watch the video and see how even the kids have embraced the good they are doing.

‘Not everyone has a father figure in their home, or a male in their life period.’

They’re planning to make this a permanent feature of this school, and are hoping to have chapters like it throughout the state.

Better yet, let’s see this movement take root nationally. If it can make schools somewhere kids can feel safe, maybe there’s hope that some of them that might have otherwise derailed will get the education they need to start out strong.

After all, it was someone like these guys who helped the Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson to go from flunking out to … Standing Tall.

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