SHOCKER: NY Times Posts Video Op-Ed Called, ‘Blue States, You’re The Problem’

Written by K. Walker on November 26, 2021

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They are… just not in the way that this video essay suggests. But hey, kudos for noticing!

Here’s something that Brian Stelter — CNN’s “media watchdog” — won’t be talking about on his show anytime soon…

This actually should be one of the things that Stelter should be covering since he took that rhetorical beat-down by Bari Weiss about the media echo-chamber recently:

This opinion video from the New York Times falls solidly in the category of one of those “third-rail” topics that must be avoided at all costs — liberal hypocrisy.

Conservatives have known for a long time that the Left is filled with people who would rather dictate how you live your life while they get exemptions to carry on as usual. Surprisingly, it seems that even leftists are starting to notice.

Democrats everywhere constantly blame the GOP for hampering them in their ability to usher in a Liberal Utopia in the United States. The problem is — this doesn’t seem to square with reality.

Using just a handful of examples, and the 2020 Democratic Party Platform, Johnny Harris, a former Vox reporter turned freelance video producer, and Binya Appelbaum, a member of the New York Times editorial board, discussed in less than 15 minutes how Blue states with almost no Republican opposition are still struggling to advance progressive policies in their stated goal of combating inequality.

Now, their premise is that the left isn’t going far enough for their liking, but they do a great job of showing how the leftists don’t actually live out their values.

Affordable Housing — eg. California

This segment of the video begins with multiple Democrats saying “housing is a human right” and Harris stating that it is a cornerstone of Democrat policy.

Americans know that housing in California is unaffordable and far out of step with housing prices in vast swaths of the country.

Applebaum and Harris dissect how the Golden State has thwarted the ability of affordable housing to be built in California.

The TL;DR version is that it’s a combination of wanting to keep property values high and NIMBY — “Not In My Back Yard” which Appelbaum describes as “greed” and “nervousness about sharing those opportunities.”

Snarky Conservative Response: California is the prime example of income inequality. The situation there will soon sort itself out as the mass exodus from blue states continues and housing prices drop like a stone. Either that, or the homeless that have been allowed to live in camps like shanty towns in a third-world nation will take over the state and that will drop the property values.

2. Taxation — eg. Washington State

Democrats always complain that tax rebates are given to the wealthiest of Americans and the poor and middle class suffer. They believe in a “progressive tax” system that would mean that the highest earners would pay a larger share of their income in taxes.

It seems that Washington state, coincidentally where über-rich Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates live, has a regressive tax system where the poor actually pay a much higher percentage of their income than the wealthiest residents. It’s a complete inversion of Democrats’ stated values.

Snarky Conservative Response: “Progressive” tax rates advocated by the people who produced this video don’t take into account the risk that business owners take on to create jobs or that “net worth” does not equal money on hand. Setting a “progressive” tax rate too high would require some to sell off assets, which would devalue companies, which would affect employees, investors, the economy, and peoples’ 401Ks. Actions have consequences.

3. Education — eg. Cook County, Illinois, and Connecticut

Instead of collecting the tax money and distributing the funding allocated to schools equally across Cook County, they’ve decided to gerrymander the county into more than 140 school districts. This, explains Harris and Appelbaum, is exacerbating inequality in education.

Snarky Conservative Response: This is why we need school choice. Having the funding follow students rather than continuing to shovel money into failing public schools based on zip code is the problem.

Here’s a quick summary that the producers of this video don’t seem to understand…

Progressive policies aren’t popular. If they were, then even the loony libs in solidly blue states wouldn’t be fighting against them.

The problem really comes when people get upset with the lib policies and then move to red states and try to pull that B.S. there.

Guys… maybe y’all could come to the realization that your policies suck.

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