TRIGGER WARNING: Rittenhouse Prosecutor Has NO IDEA How To Handle A Firearm And It Shows

Written by K. Walker on November 16, 2021

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Maybe basic knowledge of a firearm should be mandatory for an Assistant District Attorney.

So often the people who weigh in on guns have no idea about guns.

Apologies to all of the ClashDaily readers who understand how to safely handle a firearm… Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger clearly does not and it’s going to be painful to look at.

Brace yourselves…

How many problems can you spot in this photo?

Former NRA spox, Dana Loesch, had some thoughts that she shared with Jesse Watters on “Fox News Primetime” on Monday evening.

Kenosha County attorneys Thomas Binger and James Kraus were figures in a “clown show” of a prosecution against defendant Kyle Rittenhouse, most notably with their overt lack of basic understanding of firearms, gun rights advocate and radio host Dana Loesch said Monday.

Loesch, a former spokesperson for the Virginia-based National Rifle Association, told “Fox News Primetime” that Binger proved his need for basic firearms training when he flagged the entire courtroom by mishandling an Armalite-style rifle – with his finger on the trigger and the stock not shouldered properly…

…Loesch went on to say that she believes Rittenhouse, who is charged in the deaths of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, showed better firearms discipline in courtroom exhibit videos of that night in August of 2020 than the two prosecutors trying the case against him.
Source: Fox News

Here’s Dana Loesch talking about the prosecution’s inexcusable ignorance of firearms.

Twitter users were quick to post their thoughts on Binger pointing the gun at the jury with his finger on the trigger.

Binger doesn’t hold the AR with the same discipline that Rittenhouse did on the night in question.

Binger was mercilessly mocked on Twitter for his obvious ignorance about guns.

The Alec Baldwin comparisons were plentiful:

Pointing a gun at the jury is an interesting strategy.

Binger’s clearly annoyed with the way the trial is going, but pointing a gun directly at the jury with his finger on the trigger like that seems to be a bit much… (For the “fact-checkers” out there, that’s a joke.)

Of course, there were memes…

It would really, really help if the prosecution has at least a fraction of a clue about basic firearm knowledge.

If members of the jury are well-versed in handing a firearm… this is just one more strike against Binger and the entire case against Rittenhouse.

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