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BROKEN BORDER: Refugee Numbers Swell NJ Military Base To ‘Bigger Than Most Towns’

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Not even the Mexican-billionaire-owned New York Times can cover for the real-world consequences of Biden’s disastrous open border policy anymore.

As Breitbart News pointed out, the New York Times ran a story about the people being processed as they enter the country. Whether it was intentional or not, they reported some meaningful facts in that story. Facts to which Biden/Harris would rather we didn’t pay much attention.

How much do you know about ‘Liberty Village’?

After fleeing Afghanistan as the Taliban seized power, [Sana Khairi, age 18] and her mother and four siblings were routed through Germany before arriving at what has become known as Liberty Village, a community that swelled nearly overnight to hold a population larger than half the towns in New Jersey.
There are 11,000 people living there now — more evacuees than on any of the six other U.S. bases still hosting families evacuated from Afghanistan as America’s 20-year war in the country reached its chaotic end in late August.
It is the only location still accepting new Afghan arrivals from overseas, according to the Department of Homeland Security. It is likely to be among the last sites to shut down, based on its housing capacity and proximity to Philadelphia, the main U.S. port of entry for the new arrivals, officials said Thursday as they offered the first media tour of the encampment. —NYT

Ok, so we’ve got tens of thousands of Afghanis living in Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, making it larger than most NJ towns. Thousands of others have been brought in, with the article pegging that number at 4 planeloads of Afghanis arriving each week.

What else do we know? We know that there was little-to-no vetting done of Afghanis in the massive airlift Biden brags about. Ted Cruz, who has access to this information as a Senator has specifically raised this, and the issue of child brides as a concern from about the 6-minute mark in one of his ‘The Verdicat’ videos with Michael Knowles.

We have already seen one Afghani jihadi shot dead by police while charging at them with a machete. Others have created nightmare legal situations by bringing so-called child ‘brides’ with them. Multiple others have been responsible for crimes, including sexually aggressive crimes, in the short time since they’ve arrived in America.

Meanwhile, thousands of people that Americans WERE supposed to rescue are still trapped in Afghanistan under a murderous terrorist regime that wants them dead for helping us.

Biden can’t even claim he’s doing everything he can, but ‘it can’t be helped’. We know this because France has been doing more to rescue their stranded citizens and local associates than the American government has done to rescue ours.

Macron spends money on makeup like a Kardashian and even HE is doing a better job at looking after Afghanis he is responsible to than Joe Biden. France Rescues Hundreds From Afghanistan As Biden Fails To Rescue Americans

It makes you wonder…

If the people we WANTED to bring out of the country didn’t get out, who the Hell DID we bring in from a terrorist-controlled country in such numbers that the base is now bigger than half of the towns in New Jersey. We know at least ONE jihadi terrorist arrived here from Afghanistan. How many others are still mixed in with that number?

Since he was the driving force behind this policy will Biden take responsibility if someone gets killed?

If not, why not?

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