Janitor Gets Too Friendly With A Tiger — That Was A MISTAKE

Written by Wes Walker on December 31, 2021

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He should never have entered that restricted area in the first place and now a terrible price has been paid.

River Rosenquist, 26-year-old custodian in Naples Florida, broke protocol for some reason when his company was providing cleaning services to the zoo.

Not only did he enter the area near the tiger enclosure, but for some reason, whether he was trying to pet it or feed it, he actually reached INTO the tiger enclosure.

Rosenquist may have seen Eko as a majestic (and critically endangered) tiger. Eko simply saw a prey animal within striking distance.

Naturally, Eko did what any apex predator would have done in that situation. He seized the opportunity — more specifically, River’s arm.

Police heard his cries for help and came running. The sheriff’s deputies tried non-lethal means of breaking the grip — kicking at the fence, for example. They asked if there was a tranquilizer available. There wasn’t.

So one hero cop did what needed to be done to save a life. That was bad news for Eko the tiger.

Bodycam footage caught the event.

Comparisons are already being drawn to Harambe the gorilla, but the zoo staff understands that shooting the great cat was the only option the cop had remaining.

What about the guy Eko tried to have over for dinner?

He was rushed to the hospital, and his condition is, as yet, unknown. But his hospital bill may be the least of his worries.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is working with state and federal prosecutors to investigate the incident and determine whether criminal charges will be filed against Rosenquist.

Officials also note the cleaner is employed by a third-party cleaning service and not a member of zoo staff.

It remains unclear what company he works for or if the organization will take disciplinary action. –DailyMail

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