Is ANYONE Still In Charge Of Running BLM’s $60 Million Financial Empire?

Written by Wes Walker on January 28, 2022

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A mere eighteen months ago, their brand and agenda was everywhere you looked — painted on the streets, at sporting events, in the news, burning cop cars. But now? Crickets.

So, what happened exactly? Is anyone at all still running the empire?

We know who some of their backers were. Thanks to Time, we know about the coordination between various unlikely partners to ‘fortify the election’ for Joe Biden, and how the riots stopped happening when polling indicated that the lawlessness inclined voters to vote for Republicans.

With the hard left back in power, many of the radical zealots melted back into the shadows. The goal was achieved. The radical footsoldiers had accomplished their objectives. And that might go a long way toward explaining why Democrats are so intent on spouting divisive rhetoric about Jim Crow 2.0.

After so many corporations and suckers threw their millions at this organization, wealth which various chapters complained never seemed to trickle down to the local level, what practical use are those donations doing now?

Good question. Since nobody seems to know who’s actually in charge, there’s no real good answer to that question.

The address on its tax forms is wrong, and the people formally named as successors reportedly never stepped into the position.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors appointed two activists to serve as the group’s senior directors following her resignation in May amid scrutiny over her personal finances. But both quietly announced in September that they never took the jobs due to disagreements with BLM. They told the Washington Examiner they don’t know who now leads the nation’s most influential social justice organization.

Paul Kamenar, counsel for conservative watchdog group the National Legal and Policy Center, said a full audit and investigation into Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the legal entity that represents the national BLM movement, is warranted.

“This is grossly irregular and improper for a nonprofit with $60 million in its coffers,” Kamenar said.

BLM previously came under fire from local black activists after the New York Post reported in April that Cullors, then its executive director, had spent $3.2 million on real estate across the United States. The reports followed BLM’s disclosure in February 2021 that it closed out 2020 with $60 million in its bank accounts.

BLM denied allegations that Cullors spent BLM funds on her personal properties. However, BLM and other activist organizations under Cullors’s control offered contracts to an art company led by the father of her only child, the Daily Caller reported. —WashingtonExaminer

The would-be successors, who declined the position owing to disagreements with the ‘acting leadership council’, are tight-lipped on who, exactly that council is.

According to their by-laws, the funds and securities of the organization fall explicitly under the control of the Executive Director. And there’s a tidy sum still in the coffers — not a bad trick for a group founded by self-proclaimed ‘trained Marxists’.

Individuals connected with BLM have been scrubbing their online connections to it after investigative reporters at the Washington Examiner have been asking uncomfortable questions about BLM’s leadership accountabity.

BLM published a report last February saying it incurred $8.4 million in operating expenses in 2020 and that it closed out the year with $60 million under its control.

But BLM reported to the IRS in August 2020 that it expected to incur precisely $12,706,366 in “Professional Fees” expenditures during the same calendar year, a figure $4.3 million higher than the top-line annual spending figure it later reported to the public in February.

Kamenar said his watchdog group believes there should be a “full audit” of BLM to clear up the spending discrepancy.

“Bottom line: Lot of questionable financial activity, organization —WashingtonExaminer

We can’t help but notice there is more legal scrutiny on the taxes of a duly-elected President who had already been on the receiving end of a $30 Million dollar investigation than there is on the organization in whose name cities suffered billions of dollars of property damage, not to mention violent acts against citizens and police officers — including serious injury and death.

If Jan 6 is denounced as an ‘insurrection’, why isn’t the attempted storming of Trump’s White House in late May of 2020, when Secret Service was so hard-pressed that they removed the First family to safety seen as ‘inciting insurrection’?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that they play for the ‘right’ team?

If only we had a government that was genuinely intent on equality under the law… regardless of political affiliation.

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