Jackass Judge Reassigned After Public Outrage Over Letting Rapist Walk Free

Written by Wes Walker on January 18, 2022

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Need some good news, and a break from stories about idiots running the country off a cliff? This one’s for you.

Here’s proof that public outcry can work even in rabid left states where politicians care more about toeing the party line than they do about the voice of the people.

You don’t find many states bluer than Illinois, right? Exactly. And here’s evidence that it’s working.

Judge Robert Adrian presided over a case in which an 18-year old was originally found guilty, in a bench trial, of raping a teenage girl at a party. Instead of abiding by legal minimum sentencing guidelines, the judge let the girl’s rapist go after time served, describing those 5 months ‘plenty of punishment’. The legal minimum for the crime he had been convicted of, by the way, was 4 years in prison.

There was outcry over the judge’s reversal, including social media criticism. The thin-skinned judge was paying very close attention to who had spoken ill of him online, and it affected his work.

Tensions started to run high by Jan. 12, the Whig reported, when Judge Adrian tossed Josh Jones, lead trial attorney for the Adams County state’s attorney’s office, out of the courtroom. He excused Jones because the lawyer liked a Facebook post that criticized the reversal. Last Wednesday, Jones was representing a woman in an unrelated case. Still, the judge believed that he could not control himself while presiding, knowing that the man agreed with criticism about him on social media.

“I can’t be fair with you. Get out,” the judge barked. — AtlantaBlackstar

The story didn’t end there.

Adams County Judge Robert Adrian was reassigned to civil matters such as small claims and probate dockets in an administrative order issued Thursday by Chief Judge Frank McCartney of the Eighth Judicial Circuit, according, the (Quincy) Herald-Whig reported.

It came after Adrian faced heat for tossing out the conviction of Drew Clinton, who was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at a graduation party last May.

Ok, maybe he’s not being run out of town on a rail, or even being thrown off the bench and having his legal licence put under review, but in a season where violent crime is spiking because of light sentencing and non-enforcement, this might be seen as one small step in the right direction.

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