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JAN 6: What Republicans Were ACTUALLY Demanding From Congress That Day

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With the anniversary of January 6th upon us, we’re going to hear a lot of noise accusing Republicans of trying to subvert a lawful election… here’s the REST of the story.

We’ll leave the accusations and overheated rhetoric to the masters of misinformation on the left.

When you actually want the FACTS, you look to people who didn’t accept Pulitzer Prizes for being caught red-handed acting as activists on the wrong side of the Russian Collusion story.

Since Democrats (and their quisling RINO enablers) are rewriting history, let’s go back and provide receipts to correct the record they are so busy trying to destroy.

In this article, we’re going to revisit the concerns about election integrity voiced BEFORE the election, the red flags we saw in the election itself, the actual plan being proposed on January 6th, and finally, a question this whole scenario has raised in light of what we’ve learned since then.

Grab your favorite beverage, because there’s a whole lot to cover and we don’t want to cut corners on this one.

The problem started long before election day when sites like ours noticed that Primary races were exposing serious problems with the electoral process. Even one news outlet in Philadelphia exposed the potential problems that could be associated with vote-by-mail when an alarming percentage of dummy ballots failed to arrive at the mailbox that had been set up explicitly for this experiment, while other, unrelated mail was accidentally delivered there.

That concern was reinforced by a series of elections exposing irregularities in the primaries.

1. Ten stories we ran from BEFORE the election day in November 2020 to make this point.

This is not even close to being the complete list, but serves as a representative sample proving this was a concern before November 2020. Some of the other relevant stories are cross-linked within titles from this list. Others can be found by perusing our archives.

You will notice none of these stories include what we reported on in 2018 in Broward County, Florida, or Dems and immigrants indicted in Texas, or Project Veritas catching Dems on camera illegally offering ballots without proof of identity… way back in 2016.

2. We saw plenty of sketchy stuff on election night

We could do another list like the one above, but our readers know about most of it already.

We saw battleground states dragging out the count long after other states had declared winners. We saw all kinds of strange events, curious footage, and missing audit materials. Tranches of ballots were counted twice. Poll-watchers were expelled from the building. Mysterious suitcases were pulled out from under tables, and an improbable come-from-behind after-midnight win in one battleground state after another.

Perhaps of even greater concern was the chicanery that happened BEFORE the count by judges, officials, and Governors who changed the voting rules without having the Constitutional authority to make such changes… and quirks of the made them almost impossible to challenge in court. You can’t sue until harms have been suffered, and you can’t change them after the fact. (Similar technicalities hamstrung the other legal challenges before they could even be tested on their merits.)

It wasn’t long before we found out about Zuckerburg pushing an election result not just with heavy-handed censorship on his tech platform, but by dumping strings-attached money into his effort of exerting control over supposedly independent elections officials’ work in battleground states, using them to tilt the field in favor of heavily blue voting districts.

And how could we ignore enormous red flags like Republicans being unconstitutionally locked out of the electoral process: What A Circus: MI Legislature Plays ‘Black Anthem’, Locks Out Republicans Before Electoral Vote

3. Challenge the Dems to name a single instance of lawless Republican challenges to the election results

Before you say ‘the Capitol Riot was an insurrection, case closed’, you should know that, whatever talking points the Dems might roll out, it was NOT an insurrection. It was NEVER an insurrection. Even the FBI affirms this when they say there is ‘scant evidence’ of an insurrection. ‘SCANT EVIDENCE’: New Report From FBI Blows Left’s ‘Insurrection’ Narrative Straight To Hell

From that article:

The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.

That doesn’t stop elected Republicans from being accused of helping ‘an insurrection’. The claim is absurd on its face, but let’s look at the issues one at a time.

Challenging an election result is not by itself, illegal. Hillary, for example, has never accepted that Trump kicked her ass, fair and square, in 2016. She is STILL pushing the ‘Big Lie’… about 2016. But media doesn’t say a word about it. WATCH: Larry Elder BLASTS The Media Double Standard On ‘The Big Lie’ And Post-Election Riots Even crazier, Stacey Abrams was invited to speak on the ‘Governor’s panel’ in the 2020 DNC.

Is preparing to fight an election result in court illegal? If so, Joe Biden should be in leg irons: ‘If it’s close – watch out’: Biden says he has 600 lawyers ready to fight election ‘chicanery’ by Trump

Challenging the ratification step in Congress is not illegal… otherwise, Democrats who did exactly that in 2001, 2005, and 2016 would be ‘guilty of insurrection’.

But challenging the ratification of the electoral college result was different this time than in those instances.

-There were still unanswered questions and allegations about the vote counts themselves
-Some states had sent conflicting slates of electoral votes to Congress
-Some were manipulated by unconstitutional malfeasance in Michigan (see: above)

And one other critical difference between when Dems did it and when Republicans planned to in 2020. In 2020, it was more than an impotent stunt:

Unlike times when Dems like Barbara Boxer protested against the Election of a Republican President by registering their objections on the floor of Congress, Republicans actually had a member of the Senate who could fulfill the legal criteria needed to validate that objection to ratification by adding his signature to the motion.

3. The ACTUAL plan

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley were not trying to help Trump ‘overturn the election’. If the press actually cared about public confidence in the electoral system more than they did about their guy coming out on top, they would have taken an interest in their plan.

“Accordingly, we intend to vote on January 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified’ (the statutory requisite), unless and until that emergency 10-day audit is completed,” the group of senators said in a joint statement. — Read more here: YO CNN: Did You Cry ‘Sedition’ Or ‘Treason’ When The Democrats Were Doing It? (VIDEO)

Between Jan 6 and Inauguration Day, there was still a window of several days during which the final official results of the 2020 General Election could be decided and declared.

Ted Cruz, among others, proposed a commission, not unlike the method used to decide the contested results in 1876, to take several days to review allegations being made in the contested battleground states and come back with a report on how to proceed with the rival claims in those states.

If they are accepted? Great. Now there is some modicum of public confidence in the electoral results.

If serious doubts or allegations remain, that’s a contingency for which the Constitution itself has a solution. The Constitution has described a ‘tiebreaker’ process for instances where no clear winner emerges by way of the Electoral College.

4. A question nobody is asking … who stood to gain from this?

The assumption we have been spoon-fed by the media (and other Democrats) through this past year has been that Trump supporters got overheated at the Stop the Steal rally, and vented their rage on the Capitol.

Pelosi, Biden, and others insist Trump wanted this, in their word — ‘insurrection’, as a way to ‘keep Biden from taking office’.

But Trump wasn’t the one who benefitted from the crowd bursting into the Capitol that afternoon instead of protesting ‘patriotically’ and ‘peacefully’.

The riot, in fact, derailed the one remaining process that had a plausible chance of standing between Democrats and their victory. If Biden had failed to achieve a majority of the Electoral College, Congress picks the winner directly, in a process that favored Republicans in 2020.

The riot was the ONE reason Republicans did not proceed with the plan to form a commission that contested the vote. Ten years ago we would have unhesitatingly chalked that up as an unfortunate coincidence and left it at that. This year we are less confident in the existence of coincidences.

Ten years ago, we had a different estimation of just how corrupt the DC establishment was capable of being in gaining or preserving political power.

  • It was before we saw a coordinated effort between the FBI and the Democrats to destroy a Presidental candidate and destroy his presidency even before the day he was sworn in.
  • It was before we watched a Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case transform into a likely instance of FBI entrapment.
  • It was before we saw criminal evidence fabricated by the FBI in an effort to destroy General Flynn, with exonerating evidence deliberately withheld.
  • It was before we saw that shameless effort to ‘fortify the vote’ in 2020.
  • It was before we saw people like Ray Epps paying no price for the role he reportedly played on January 6th. He is the one named in the video, where he was openly inciting criminal storming of the Capitol the evening before Jan 6, and was on camera whispering something to the first man to push his way through the fencing that day, scant seconds before that fence was breached.

We know the other side isn’t above playing dirty to get what they want.

Suddenly that information Pelosi doesn’t want us to see is very relevant to the question of what the hell went wrong that day. JAN 6: What Is Pelosi Hiding About The Role SHE Played In The Security Failures?

Was the ONLY time a mass crowd event associated with the Republican brand erupted into violence a catastrophically unlucky fluke? Or were we played like a Stradivarius?

And if so… who orchestrated it?

Is that why Pelosi hand-picked the members of the Kangaroo Court Commission? Is it because she doesn’t want anyone asking the wrong questions?

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