YO BIDEN: Why Does It Take You 7-12 Days To Do What Amazon Can Do Overnight?

Written by Wes Walker on January 19, 2022

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It’s pretty embarrassing that none of the king’s horses and none of the king’s men realized that Joe Biden would need to order some COVID tests, isn’t it?

Especially when Pelosi and Schumer spent so much of 2020 nagging Trump about ‘testing, testing, testing’ while he was busy working on Operation Warp speed to take care of PPE shortfalls and, what was that other thing? Oh, right… the vaccine rollout.

In hindsight, we might have been smart to prioritize therapeutics, but with the early lethality models churning out the kind of nightmarish numbers that made even Trump pull the 15-days-to-slow-the-spread emergency brake, we were all doing the best we could while working from incomplete information at the time. Some of that missing information was actually being hidden from us… but enough about Fauci and his friends working in China. Let’s look at the current year.

Fast forward two years or so, and we now have all kinds of useful data about the Chinavirus. We have a good idea of how to treat it, even if Joe has been bogarting all of the monoclonal antibodies.

Our betters still aren’t talking about the obvious things, like, oh I don’t know, reducing comorbidities like weighing more than your truck, addressing key vitamin deficiencies, or getting studies on certain cheap off-label out-of-patent treatments that have performed well when used by desperate countries who had no other alternatives… and famous podcasters.

If Trump was able to swing deals that convinced manufacturing plants to retrofit their assembly lines to crank out respirators (when we didn’t have enough) within months of COVID rearing its head and pre-purchased not only several lines of promising vaccines, but the syringes, refrigeration, and some other supply chain solutions, why can’t Joe solve a straightforward and predictable problem like the one this ‘good news’ announcement sidesteps?

U.S. residents will be able to order a free at-home Covid-19 test from the federal government starting Jan. 19 as part of an effort by the Biden administration to send out 500 million of the tests.

Each household will be able to request four tests via a new government-run website, and tests are to be delivered in seven to 12 days, a senior administration official said. The tests will be shipped through the U.S. Postal Service, which has been staffing up and keeping on holiday staff to meet the added demand, the official said.

The administration has 420 million tests under contract, with “tens of millions” currently in the possession of the government, the official said. While not all tests have been procured, the official said they are confident they will be able to fill all orders in the seven- to 12-day window. — NBC

You’d think that two years later, Joe would be able to at least secure a reliable supply of test kits… after all, he’s surrounded by Big Tech lobbyists ‘advisors’ in the White House.

Seven-to-12 day window, huh?

Amazon has mastered the science of next-day delivery. They couldn’t have helped their good buddy Joe figure out how to get Covid Tests to people BEFORE they actually recovered from the illness they were testing themselves for?

Gee Joe, your numbers are tanking, and it’s a mystery why.

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