YO, PATRIOTS: Activist Calls For The ‘Abolition Of Gender’ … What’s Your Response?

Written by Wes Walker on January 11, 2022

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When those of us holding the line in cultural battles like the marriage debate talked about a slippery slope and a transformed culture, those concerns were mocked as over-blown.

With so much having changed since then, it’s hard to believe that debate was still being hashed out back in Obama’s FIRST term, isn’t it?

Not even a decade later, some of us don’t even know how to tell men and women apart anymore. And if this guy is any indicator of the movement he’s part of, blurring the definition of gender is not a bug in their system, it’s a feature. Seeding gender confusion is precisely the point because, this guy at least, dreams of abolishing gender entirely.

And before you dismiss him as an outlier, we’ve got buy-in from places that were once considered serious-minded. Here’s one example among many:

Here’s someone going by the screen name ‘gaylohrd’ who describes himself as ‘nonbinary’ encouraging others on team alphabet soup to rethink their attitude to gender altogether. He is confident enough that his side is holding the reigns of political power that he doesn’t even bother trying to hide his endgame.

He’s up-front about it.

Here’s a photo of the guy talking if the video gets glitchy… (you can always follow the link if it’s not playing properly on your device), but we will provide a transcript as well to save you the brain cells of having to listen to the nonsense.

‘Libs of TikTok’ is one of the good accounts online, doing the Lord’s work of trolling the sewers of social media and staying abreast of trends so that you and I don’t have to. Here’s the video they found.

You can tell by the unflinching confidence with which he delivers this confused rant loaded with ten-dollar words that he is an instance of what Malcolm Muggerage once called being educated into imbecility.

The unmistakable air of unearned self-importance makes this rant just that much more insufferable.

I’m going to say something that’s definitely going to piss a lot of people off ’cause I know it’s a tough pill to swallow but trust me on this, I’m like absolutely correct. Gender as an institution provides absolutely nothing positive for any individual. Any euphoria an individual attains because of a gender they identify as only exists because of the society they’ve been propagandized to live into.

As a consequence of this, gender euphoria is not an adequate reason to advocate against gender abolition. And like, I totally get it. I’m non-binary because I experience gender euphoria in this identity but like I also know that I only experience this euphoria because of gender propaganda that’s been shoved down my throat for years. The simple fact of the matter is, the extreme harms of gender-based oppression which will necessarily exist in a gendered society far outweigh any benefit an individual or community can attain because of ‘gender euphoria’.

The only end for queer liberation is gender abolition. Nothing else is good enough.

Gender euphoria? Sorry kid, while many of us may like one or another aspect of being a man or being a woman, most of us are too busy living our lives to get wrapped up in that level of self-absorption.

My masculinity and my wife’s femininity are far more a natural outgrowth of who we are than something we give conscious consideration to because of feelings of ‘euphoria’.

If anything those feelings of ‘euphoria’ wrapped up in a superficial ‘identity’ could be the real flashing red light on your dashboard here. In a society where fitting into the ‘in’ group requires some kind of a special victimhood status, is it any wonder so many young white TikTokers find themselves drawn to an artificial ‘identity’ just to feel good about themselves? Euphoria is just the Greek word for good feelings.

But it doesn’t take long for this earnest do-gooder to go full totalitarian, does it? We must abolish gender? Oh really? What if we don’t WANT our gender abolished. You folks keep insisting that we call you by special pronouns, but you think you get to dictate how we live our lives?

You gave you that special authority over the rest of us, exactly? And what will you do if we tell you to pound sand, that we like the country, the traditions, and the faith we inherited, and don’t need any of it changed, thank-you-very-much. Are you going to go away, or will you try to browbeat us into submission?

And what about the next activist behind you who thinks YOU didn’t go far enough? That’s the lesson feminists are learning the hard way with the rise of trans activists, isn’t it?

What if the next movement’s demands involve something YOU don’t want? Pills or surgery to make you more androgenous, for instance. Who will YOU turn to for help in backing your rights if you achieve your dream of trampling ours? Robespierre was beheaded by his own revolution, and he’s hardly an isolated example of that trend.

You young punks really aren’t thinkng this through. You’ve been too busy agreeing with the popular dogma that you haven’t asked any probing questions.

If he likes ‘tough pills to swallow’, here’s one for him.

Attitudes like this one are only possible in the kind of economic excesses of the very culture he’s trying to burn to the ground.

This abolition of gender thing fits neatly within the American Marxist plan to rip everything down and rebuild it in their own image that BLM originally had on their website, until they caught heat for it. They opposed the traditional family, gender roles, the whole bit. Of course they do — these are the very things that stand in the way of their glorious revolution.

But here’s another example of what they didn’t think through. Tearing down the family unit will cause a whole cascade of negative consequences far worse than any you think you’re solving… from the problems inherent in an aging society like Japan’s to the much more immediate loss of stable homes for children to be born and raised in.

The family unit has been what gets people through hard times like war or famine. Immediate and extended family look after each other, in reciprocal ways, across multiple generations. Aside from using a shortcut like adoption or surrogates, there is only one way that happens, and even the shortcuts come with complications.

The only cultures that can really experiment with other models besides the kind that generates children are the ones who have enough wealth and free time to become decadent.

The irony is, if these people wind up in charge, it’s a self-correcting system. They will tear down so much of our foundations that decadence will no longer be an option.

They’ll be too busy trying to scrape by — if, that is, some other, stronger country that still believes in masculinity hasn’t conquered us, and imposed THEIR vision on us first.

But sure. ‘Next time’ the Marxist formula will work.

They always promise it will work ‘next time..!’

Yeah, sure it will.

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