Biden Report Card

Written by Allan Erickson on February 23, 2022

Approaching the State of the Union speech before a Joint Session of Congress March 1, 2022

Ukraine F
Russia F
Iran F
War on Terror F
China F
N. Korea F
Foreign Policy F
War/Peace F
Israel F
Jihad F
Economy F
Inflation F
Pro-Capitalism F
Anti-Communism F
Military-Funding F
Military-Morale F
Border Security F
Illegal Immigration F
Pandemic Information F
Pandemic Policy F
Energy Policy-Domestic F
Energy Policy-Int’l F
Domestic Terrorism F
Crime F
Federal Spending F
Taxes F
National Unity F
Voter Satisfaction F
Polling – Performance F
Polling – Direction F
Election Integrity F
Voter Fraud F
Climate Change F
Environment F
Healthcare F
Doctor/Patient F
Race Relations F
Discrimination F
Working with Congress F
Respect-Court Rulings F
Integrity F
Trustworthiness F
Fit for Office F
Mental/Physical Health F

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.