Hunter’s Ex-Girlfriend Testifies In Grand Jury Tax Probe About Lavish Spending

Written by K. Walker on February 22, 2022

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According to a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, Hunter Biden was a big spender that told her to withdraw thousands of dollars at a time while staying at luxury hotels.

Zoe Kestan, 28, a lingerie and textile designer with the online handle “weed slut 420” was in an intimate relationship with Hunter Biden in 2018 — shortly after he impregnated former D.C. stripper Lundon Roberts while he was in a relationship with his brother’s widow Hallie Biden. Kestan said that Biden had never mentioned Roberts or the child he fathered.

According to the New York Post, Kestan appeared before the Grand Jury in Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday and testified for nearly five hours behind closed doors after Lundon Roberts’ hours-long testimony on Tuesday morning.

Kestan was questioned about Biden’s whereabouts and spending habits in 2018 when they were spending time together attending art shows and partying on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Specific questions included what hotels Biden stayed at and whether Kestan knew where his money came from, the source said.

Kestan testified about shacking up with Biden at high-priced hotspots including the Four Seasons, Mercer, SIXTY SoHo and Soho Grand hotels in Manhattan and at the Hollywood Roosevelt, NoMad and Jeremy West Hollywood in Los Angeles, the source said.

At one point, the source said, Kestan recalled a month-long stay at LA’s celebrity-friendly Chateau Marmont, the scene of former “Saturday Night Live” star John Belushi’s fatal 1982 overdose.

It’s also the place where Biden admittedly “learned how to cook crack” before being “blacklisted” over complaints tied to his drug use during a five-month period in 2018, as revealed in his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

Kestan testified that Biden directed her to withdraw “thousands of dollars at a time” from ATMs and gave her cash to purchase clothing, meals and other items, but said she had no idea how he obtained the money, the source said…

…The probe reportedly involves Hunter Biden’s controversial, overseas business dealings. Last month, a partial copy of a subpoena surfaced that showed JPMorgan Chase Bank was ordered to turn over records related to any transactions involving him and the Bank of China.
Source: New York Post

In December 2020, Hunter admitted that federal prosecutors in Delaware were “investigating my tax affairs” and said that he was cooperating with investigators.

The investigation apparently centers around Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Kestan was very upset that she got dumped by Hunter because she claims that she was the one that encouraged him to get clean and pursue an art career. She said that she was “with him at the craziest point of his life” and told him that “art was a great way to see a hopeful future, rather than using drugs.”

She said that she felt “super-crazy” when she heard that he married Melissa Cohen in May 2019 after a six-day romance.

It seems that Hunter Biden leaves behind a trail of angry exes.

It appears to be the same with his questionable business dealings.

Questions about Hunter Biden’s unusually lucrative foreign financial ties were raised in a stunning “October Surprise” just before the 2020 Presidential Election when the New York Post published a number of articles on material gathered from Hunter Biden’s laptops that were abandoned at a Delaware repair shop.

The articles were censored by Big Tech and decried as “Russian disinformation” by former intelligence agents, but we know now that the information was not “hacked material” as Twitter and Facebook claimed. Hunter Biden has not denied that the laptops were his.

While his days of sitting on foreign boards of industries he has no experience in have ended, Hunter now has a very lucrative career as an artist where some of his pieces are fetching more than a signed Picasso.

HUNTER BIDEN: Latest Corruption Evidence Triggers Demands For Special Counsel

Will this Grand Jury investigation get to the bottom of where Hunter Biden makes his money? Perhaps. Let’s hope that it also explains why he was sharing bank accounts with his dad.

Several of Joe’s family members have been grifting using his position in government for years and that’s no secret.

It’s time for this corruption to end.

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