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Trudeau Has A Special Hatred For Trump Supporters … And Will Freeze Bank Accounts (VIDEO)

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Trudeau has always been a petty SOB with special contempt for anyone who doesn’t march lockstep with his billionaire backers and ‘woke’ ideology.

Years ago in an open-ended question about world leaders he admired, he defaulted, not to a free Western nation, but to China and their ‘basic dictatorship’ which is able to push a top-down agenda forward.

Why would he admire that, in particular? Because he believes himself to be the smartest man in the room; a belief that, arguably, may not even be true when he’s sitting alone in his office.

There’s a simple answer to that question. He’s a man convinced he’s got all the answers, and who can’t be bothered with asking questions. He is happy to push his agenda forward not because he’s won others over to his side with sparkling oratory skills, but because he has the required votes and no serious accountability.

The global blowback to his hamfisted handling of the Freedom Convoy may actually be the first time he’s been truly held accountable in his entire political career. Even criminal or corruption investigations whose breadcrumbs lead right to his office, like ‘SNC Lavalin‘ or the ‘We Scandal‘ (which was Trudeau’s third ethics scandal since 2015) have a habit of quietly going away.

He’s grown confident in his use of political power to destroy his enemies. He has come a long way from the petty acts of tyranny he started out with. He shut down the Office of Religious Freedom immediately after taking office. He required charities — including churches, homeless shelters, and crisis pregnancy centers — to sign an attestation affirming Trudeau’s secular morality concerning abortion and LGBT values or else forfeit any funding granted to all charities for student summer employment programs.

Now he’s moved up to freezing the bank accounts of people who committed an act so egregious that it was perfectly legal before the moment he declared a State Of Emergency.

For those keeping score at home, there’s a REASON free nations do not make laws retroactive. It’s too tempting for vengeful tyrants to abuse such a power.

Not every bank account that has supported the convoy can be frozen. After all, the Freedom Convoy was a workers’ protest that had support from across the political spectrum. They need some kind of a metric to decide which accounts belong to the ‘bad guys’ so they don’t accidentally hit the accounts of anyone they like with ‘friendly fire’.

How will they sort that out? With a political litmus test.

“… a pro-Trump movement who’s been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars to this kind of thing … then you ought to be worried…”

Right. It’s just the big donors that you’re after.

We really believe that. Just like cancel culture was only about ridding the internet of extremists and s#^! disturbers like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, and not just a test run for wiping away entire political ecosystems that dared to challenge the hard left’s demands for enforced secular orthodoxy.

Even Ilhan Omar is bright enough to foresee second-order implications of ugly precedents like criminalizing ordinary political donations. If a Liberal can use it to punish Conservatives, well, that knife cuts both ways, doesn’t it?

She was blasting the press for publishing the doxxing details of small-dollar donors, not the freezing of bank accounts. But it’s all part of the same dynamic.

Sure, she’s probably motivated by selfish self-interest. What of it? That doesn’t make her wrong.

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