WTF? Biden-Harris Admin Looks To Iran, Venezuela, And Saudi Arabia For Oil

Written by K. Walker on March 7, 2022

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What happened to Joe’s promise to “buy American” in the State of the Union speech? Does it just not apply to oil?

Joe Biden has been known for plagiarism throughout his career. It’s what derailed his 1988 Presidential campaign.

While it was shocking and shameful that Biden would steal the personal story from a Labor M.P. and use it as his own, it’s absolutely atrocious that he’s openly cribbing from former President Donald J. Trump’s policies of “America First” and pretending like he actually believes it.

Here he is saying that it’s the focus of his administration to “buy American.”

As a reminder, former President Trump literally signed an Executive Order in April 2017 called, “Presidential Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American.

Biden’s boss Barry had said that manufacturing jobs were not going to come back to America and you’d need a magic wand to bring them back.

That E.O. was an example of Trump’s “magic wand” that actually brought jobs back to America.

But now, the Biden administration is trying to tap into that “buy American” sentiment that was normalized under Trump… except when it comes to oil and gas.

The Biden-Harris administration is so beholden to the radical Climate Change zealots in the Democrat Party that they’re willing to make some very bad deals with some very bad people just to make sure they keep their “Green” street cred.

Because American oil is bad but Iranian, Venzuelan, Russian, and Saudi Arabian oil is just fine, apparently.

Last week, Preachy Pete Buttigieg didn’t deny that the plan was to get Iranian oil to offset shortages and high gas prices.

When Asked If Buying Oil From IRAN Is ‘On The Table’ Buttigieg Doesn’t Deny It (VIDEO)

This administration has been trying to force a “transition” to a “green energy” model by consistently moving away from domestic oil and gas before there are viable, reliable alternatives.

On Day 1, Biden foolhardily nixed the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport oil from Canada into the United States and it cost over 100,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen.

Then he shut down oil production for six months.

Biden Has Shut Down U.S. Oil Production For Six Months — Now He’s Asking OPEC To Pump More

This administration’s energy policy is shortsighted and only emboldens some of the worst despots on the planet.

Speaking of…

On Friday, the White House said that they were close to a new Iran Deal to replace the disastrous JCPOA that was scrapped by President Trump.

And if reports are correct, this one is much, much worse. One of the key negotiators is… Russia.

As the civilian death toll mounts in Ukraine and the world prepares for unspeakable crimes against humanity yet to come, the Biden administration said Friday it’s close to announcing a Russian-brokered deal with Iran that will flood the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism with billions of dollars and leave Tehran on the nuclear weapons threshold…

…Russia has been a leading opponent of the IAEA’s probe in Iran for years. Since Moscow regularly breaks its own international treaty obligations — whether in the use of chemical weapons or the war crimes we see today in Ukraine — Russian diplomats work overtime to shield rogue nations like Iran and Syria from accountability.

The new deal takes Moscow’s side — flouting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, lifting sanctions and legitimizing Iran’s nuclear program without first demanding a full accounting of previous and current violations. Put simply, it is an agreement knowingly built on deceit that will encourage other authoritarian regimes to violate their international commitments.

Another important change since 2015: We know so much more about the ways in which key Iranian banks and companies finance terrorism. The Obama administration told Congress that nothing in the Iran deal precluded America from imposing terrorism sanctions on Iran. Congress, on a bipartisan basis, took that promise to heart and directed the Trump administration to impose sanctions on affiliates of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Today, the Central Bank of Iran, the National Iranian Oil Company and hundreds more entities are subject to US terrorism sanctions — not nuclear sanctions — due to indisputable evidence showing their involvement in financing terrorism. To lift sanctions on these banks and firms without any indication of behavioral change will be unprecedented. The deal will directly subsidize the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations — a win for another Russian client state, Syria, as well.
Source: New York Post

So, the Obama administration’s J.V.-Team is working on a revamp of the JCPOA despite the violations that occurred with the previous Iran deal — the extent of which is still unknown — and it’s being brokered by… *checks notes* Russia, the country currently invading Ukraine and committing war crimes there.

All this to perhaps secure a bit of oil from Iran rather than unshackling America’s oil and gas industry.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed this absolutely asinine move in Friday’s press briefing.


Let’s not forget that in 2018, the U.S. became a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years. Who was it that was President in 2018? Oh, right! The “Bad Orange Man” with the mean tweets.

On Saturday, the New York Times scoop was that the “adults in the room” were also headed to Venezuela to try to negotiate with Putin’s ally, Maduro, to increase our dependence on their oil.

Funny how the administration is now negotiating with Maduro when it was just last year they were “committed” to recognizing opposition leader Juan Guiado as Venezuela’s President.

Then on Sunday, it was reported that they’re also trying to cozy up to Saudi Arabia.

This administration would rather buy foreign oil from the largest state-sponsor of Islamic terrorism on the planet, the socialist hellhole of Venezuela run by dictator Maduro, and a regime that doesn’t yet have equal rights for women, instead of increasing domestic oil production which could be done with the stroke of a pen.

Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

There are reserves in the United States that are going untapped, but there’s also the ethically-sourced oil from Canada that is already imported easily but notice that the Biden-Harris admin isn’t even negotiating a deal with the Canadian or even the Albertan government to ramp up output.

Why focus on these questionable regimes when you’ve got domestic supply and a province in Canada that wants the business? (Sure, Trudeau’s behavior hasn’t all that been much better than the regimes we’re discussing in this article, but he doesn’t have the majority support of the Canadian people.) Surely if you don’t want to increase domestic production, there’s room for some negotiation with Canada instead of going to Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia cap-in-hand?!

You’ll notice that people aren’t touting Biden’s foreign policy acumen these days.

When people show you who they are — believe them.

And the Biden-Harris administration has shown us that they’re a bunch of incompetents LARPing an Aaron Sorkin drama.

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