Se7en Things I Hate About Satan: His Temptation To Fear

Written by Doug Giles on March 31, 2022

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If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that one contagion can be a far more insidious ‘invisible enemy’ than any virus, and that’s panic.

Fear is a kind of contagion all its own.

It can destroy, demoralize, and paralyze not just an individual, but entire crowds of people. For most of us who weren’t gripped by panic and worst-case scenarios, the last two years have looked a lot like that scene from Batman Begins … when the toxic drug fills the air and everyone is driven mad by fear.

What was it Liam Neeson’s character said?

That same line could just as easily have dropped from the lips of Little Lord Fauci himself.

For the last 2 years, elected officials, ‘authorities’ in lab coats, and TV personalities all worked together to turn that knob on public panic up to eleven.

Turning that fear off again turns out to be harder than they expected.

What we saw in a global scale with pandemic porn is nothing more than an extension of the same war The Enemy wages with us on the daily basis, trying to probe for points of insecurity, self-doubt, or shaky confidence… and exploit them.

But like every other temptation Old Slewfoot hits us with, for people who aren’t willing to bend the knee to fear and cower, there’s a remedy for fear.

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