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Small Child Abandoned At The Border In The Middle Of The Road Rescued By Law Enforcement

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This precious child was left alone at night in the middle of the road screaming for her mom. Heartbreaking.

Jaeson Jones, who has been covering what is going on at the southern border, posted a video on Sunday that shows just one of the awful aspects of the Biden-Harris administration’s “more humane” border policy.

Late Saturday night, at the border in Roma, Texas, law enforcement officers found a 2- to 3-year-old girl standing alone in the middle of the road crying for her mother. The girl was wearing a cartel wristband that was wrapped around twice to ensure that it didn’t fall off.

Jones said that to the cartels, this precious child is only seen as a commodity. He explains that the cost to make the trek across the border is thousands of dollars and if the migrants can’t pay it, they’re enslaved to the cartel to whom they own money. He says that this is “human trafficking by debt bondage.”

The photos and story of the little girl were posted to Jones’s TikTok account and YouTube channel.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking that a child would just be abandoned like that.

We have seen horrible treatment and abandonment of children by human traffickers over and over and over again.

The cartels don’t give a damn about the safety of the people that they’re smuggling — not even the small children. They just don’t want to get caught and will literally throw an infant into the Rio Grande knowing that Border Patrol will save the child and allow the traffickers to escape.

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  • The Biden-Harris administration is encouraging the trafficking of children and not bothering to follow up on what has happened to them.

    The Biden-Harris team has billed their border policy as “humane” and “compassionate” — does this look that way to you?

    Meanwhile, the surge of “unaccompanied minors” means that resources for American kids in need are being funneled to migrants.

    Last year, I proposed a pretty easy two-step solution to end the heartbreaking problem of “unaccompanied minors.”

    We just need some members of Congress with the chutzpah to make it happen.

    We cannot continue to have children abandoned at the border and their parents are left indebted to human traffickers. Who is in control of the border — the United States Government or the Cartels?

    It seems pretty clear that under the Biden-Harris administration’s “humane” border policy, it’s the cartels. There’s a significant human cost to that and you can see just one of those little faces in that video.

    We need to pray that our leaders wake up and end this human suffering.

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