Tik Tok Influencer Parrots White House Talking Points About Gas Prices And Inflation (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 15, 2022

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She’s not just a pretty face — she’s also an uncritical mouthpiece for the Biden-Harris regime.

On Friday, it was reported that the White House has decided to use Tik Tok influencers to combat “disinformation” online.

The White House Is Briefing TikTok Influencers About The War In Ukraine — No, This Is Not Satire

But it turns out that during that “White House Briefing” for Tik Tok influencers, the Press Secretary spread some disinformation that has been repeatedly debunked.

“The best antidote to disinformation is the truth. And one of the big steps we’ve taken, and made a decision to make, is declassify information over the course of the last several months,” Psaki told the group.

“If you look back at 2014, and frankly even 2016, when Russia invaded Ukraine and then in 2016, when they, you know, of course, hacked our election here, we did not do that, we did not declassify information,” Psaki told the group of influencers.

While Russian hackers were behind the stealing of emails from Democratic officials like John Podesta, there is no evidence that they tampered with election results as part of the 2016 hacking spree.
Source: Fox News (Emphasis Added)

Here’s audio of “Circle Back” Psaki spreading disinformation about the 2016 election during the briefing that was allegedly about combating disinformation.

The White House isn’t content with the Regime Media spouting their talking points because, really, who is actually watching CNN anymore? Even the Biden-Harris administration can see that “the news” is a dying format for information. So, they’ve decided to use a popular app that is closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party and is filled with pranks, dance and lip-sync videos, and a parade of mental illnesses that teens are now self-diagnosing.

What a great plan!

With the biased media coverage and so much propaganda, many people have turned to TikTok to watch videos from content creators who are actually in Ukraine to see what is happening in real-time.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of propaganda on there, too, which we saw as early heroic stories such as Snake Island and the Ghost Pilot simply weren’t true.

The White House realized that there was potential for their own propaganda to be spread on the platform using influencers.

This endeavor is so ridiculous that even Saturday Night Live mocked it. The sketch was actually funny in some spots.

Khalil Greene, one of the TikTok influencers made a video about the SNL parody. In it, he explains how the sketch is different from what happened in real life. He said that it was held over Zoom and not in the Oval Office (true), the President wasn’t there (true), and the influencers were Tik Tok content creators that covered the news and current events… uh…

Let’s fact-check that last one…

This is Ellie Zeiler, the Tik Tok influencer with 10.5 million followers that now considers herself the “White House Correspondent for Gen Z.”

But it seems that Ellie is one of the few Tik Tokers briefed by the White House that is taking her new role just as seriously as that amazing vegan mascara by Urban Decay that she promotes.

Here she is explaining that inflation and high gas prices are pretty much all the fault of COVID and Putin.


No explanation on why inflation began right around the time that Biden took office which ABC’s Jon Karl admitted on Sunday.

And we have all seen how gas prices have gone up in just one year.

According to Ellie, the current administration has nothing to do with Joe Biden declaring war on fossil fuels when he was battling Bernie to become the Democratic nominee.

Well, that’s odd…

Doesn’t saying that the administration’s policies have no role in gas prices contradict what the Democrats were trying to say at the end of last year?

So, how did she do in her new Correspondent role?

Not too well, apparently. According to Libs of Tik Tok, she was roasted in the comments.

On the bright side, it looks like the wannabe cast of “The West Wing” found an influencer that understands both foreign and domestic policy as well as they do and takes it just as seriously.

That’s… not good.

But let’s get to the important stuff — isn’t that a cute outfit she’s wearing? It’s just perfect for a trip to the mall to get new $500 headphones! No, really. She grabbed a totes adorbs Christian Dior bag and posted another video where she heads to the mall. She eventually made it to the Apple Store, but not before she got distracted by Zara!

Isn’t it funny how this teen influencer can talk about inflation and gas prices when she clearly doesn’t have a sweet clue what she’s talking about, but a certain celebrity whose videos cover a bit more than what to pair with Levi’s isn’t allowed to talk about a virus that he contracted and the treatment that he used because he’s not an “expert”?

Weird, right?

This girl is just uncritically parroting what the White House wants her to say.

At least Joe Rogan’s views about COVID are authentic and literally based on his own experience.

Speaking of authentic…

She was a pretty girl that was not content with her natural beauty and had to have it “fixed” through a crapton of surgery. That’s just kind of sad.

This is the type of person that the White House is using to push propaganda and that’s supposed to be a good thing…?

It’s shameful that the Biden-Harris administration is doing this. If they were actually using content creators that covered the news, it would still be pretty sketchy but at least it’s within the wheelhouse of the influencer that they could look at critically.

This is just straight-up propaganda from a girl with beauty and fashion tutorials. It’s manipulative and gross.

Of course, we don’t know what these “influencers” are being paid for pushing out the White House talking points. They’re probably not doing it for free out of some sense of patriotic duty — that wouldn’t be a savvy business move from content creators who worked hard to build a large platform.

How much is the White House paying these influencers to push out their talking points? Does Ellie make more money from the federal government or from Sephora? We should have an answer for that, don’t you think?

How much do you want to bet that they’re going to categorize these Tik Tok propagandists as some of the jobs created by the Biden-Harris administration?

The country is being run by idiots.

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