YO PATRIOTS: Remember THIS McConnell Warning When You Vote In November

Written by Wes Walker on March 24, 2022

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At the time this article is being written, the decision surrounding whether Biden’s SCOTUS nominee is confirmed is all but over. But that doesn’t mean the vote won’t matter.

Whether you think she’s qualified or the position or not, and whatever you may think about the affirmative action of the choice, every Senator that casts a vote in favor of this nominee endorses the candidate.

That isn’t a reflection on Joe’s nominee… it’s a reflection of that elected Senator.

Why does this matter? Because there are some serious Red Flags raised in this candidate which have not been properly answered. Not silly ones about beer and yearbooks. Serious ones with Constitutional implications.

Media and Dems have been making a big stink about various imagined threats to the Constitution that they are trying to lay at the feet of Republicans, which include trying to disqualify elected officials from the other party, officials they were unable to beat in a fair fight at the polls.

Well, there are a range of big Constitutional issues that have pushed by the same leftist groups whose endorsement she has received that matter. That includes questions like Court Packing.

Here’s McConnell making his case. It’s a case that — whatever the outcome is — we should take careful note of who voted … and how.

Her answers were ‘evasive and unclear’.

That includes the question of court-packing despite Breyer and Ginsberg plainly denouncing it.

She would be thrilled to be one of ‘however many Congress thought appropriate to be on the court’. Does that sound like she’s actually neutral on the subject?

She refused to give answers to point-blank questions about judicial philosophy… as contrasted against Barrett’s extensive answers to these same questions.

She once claimed she ‘does not have enough experience’ to weigh in on Constitutional interpretation. ‘It does not come up that often.’ By her own admission she is calling her experience inadequate for a task so central to the role for which she was nominated.

He summarized examples in which she has continued in the long liberal tradition of ‘legislation from the bench’ insofar as her disagreement with sentencing guideline policies led her to ignore the guidelines and consistently give far lighter sentences than the guidelines would warrant.

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