CLUELESS: Psaki Challenges Doocy’s Border Numbers — That Was A MISTAKE

Written by Wes Walker on April 8, 2022

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One of the few high points in this administration is coming, not from any of our elected officials, but by one dogged reporter committed to asking meaningful questions.

Psaki must be entirely sick of Doocy by now. Not because he is anyway a rude or hostile showboat in the mold of Jim Acosta or anything.

No, he’s plenty polite and respectful.

The problem isn’t his attitude or professionalism. He asks the ‘wrong’ questions… awkward ones that aren’t easily answered. Usually, Psaki will just try to deflect those ones — like she did with Doocy’s questions about Joe Biden sharing office space with business interests connected to the CCP.

This time, however, Doocy hit her with a staggering statistic. One even she couldn’t spin. She deflected by challenging his number.

He was ready for that tactic… judge for yourself whether she was prepared for his reply.

‘…up to, and we’ll see what happens’.

For context, Obama’s Homeland Security guy, Jey Johnson told us how he reacted to previous surges where far fewer than the current numbers were crossing the border…

BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: Obama’s Immigration Chief Puts Surging Border Numbers In Stark Perspective

If he spoke in such ominous terms about much smaller numbers, how can Psaki be so blazé about an influx of people many times larger?

As if to say, it MIGHT be as high 18,000 illegal aliens entering in a day, but on the other hand, it might ‘only’ be 15,000. See? Everything’s under control.

To quote Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR):

“For all intents and purposes, the Biden administration has implemented the radical left’s goal of abolishing ICE. It is also noteworthy that the administration’s paltry 100 removals per day in FY 2021 all occurred before Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued departmental edicts that bar ICE from arresting and removing all but the most violent foreign criminals and terrorists, and severely restrict where agents are permitted to apprehend them. In other words, removals in FY 2022 will likely plummet even further, all while the administration-induced surge of new illegal immigration continues unabated,” Stein continued.– FAIR

Democrats have deliberately abandoned our border, and are even slashing the budget for border enforcement that we’ve already got.

Even some Democrats are speaking out about this.

But the administration knows they’re entirely unaccountable, and they are almost daring you to do something about it.

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