Fox On Capitol Hill That Allegedly Bit 9 Including Dem Lawmaker And A Journo Tests Positive For Rabies

Written by K. Walker on April 7, 2022

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Much like the right-leaning cable news network of the same name, Dems and journos would have been better off if they could have avoided this vixen.

A female fox believed to have bitten several people on Capitol Hill was captured and humanely euthanized on Wednesday.

It came a little too close fur comfort – allegedly biting a California congressman and about five other victims on Capitol Hill before high-tailing it around the Russell Senate Office Building…

…By around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, police said they’d outfoxed the furry fugitive, tweeting out pictures of their captive in a blue carry crate.

A Capitol police spokesperson told Fox News Digital that in all, “roughly six people reported bites or nips,” but an exact number of attacks was not immediately available.

“It is not clear if there was just one aggressive fox,” the spokesperson said, urging anyone else who encounters one to call DC Animal Control.
Source: Fox News

Fox News reporter Chad Pergram said that there could be more than one fox on the Capitol Grounds.

On Thursday morning, it was reported that the fox that was captured had tested positive for rabies. The fox had to be euthanized because the brain had to be examined in order to determine if it was rabid.

A fox that bit at least nine people, including a US lawmaker, near the US Capitol earlier this week tested positive for rabies after being euthanized, Washington, DC, health authorities said…

…DC Department of Health officials said on Wednesday that there were at least nine “confirmed” bites by the fox over the past few days, and that it was “humanely euthanized” so it could be tested for rabies, NBC News and The Washington Post reported.

“The DC Public Health lab has confirmed the fox that was captured yesterday tested positive for the rabies virus. DC Health is contacting all human victims who were bitten by the fox,” the department said in a Wednesday email, per NBC News.
Source: NBC News

Over the last few days, D.C. has been abuzz with fox sightings on Capitol Hill grounds.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) posted a video of a fox she saw on Capitol Hill in early April.

With fewer people milling about the Capitol in the past two years, some wild animals have grown more comfortable in the area and made their homes on the lush grounds and several fox dens have been spotted.

A reporter from CQ Now posted a great photo he snapped of a red fox on Capitol Hill.

Now that Democrat lawmakers are being dragged back into the office from their “remote work” during the pandemic, there have been several reports in the last few days of people coming face to face with nature, and nature clearly had the upper hand. Several people were bitten by a fox near the Russell Senate Office Building on Monday.

The House Sergeant-at-Arms, William J. Walker, said that at least three people reported fox bites to Capitol Police recently.

‘There are possibly several fox dens on Capitol Grounds,’ Walker said. ‘Animal Control is currently on the grounds seeking to trap and relocate any foxes they find.’

‘Foxes are wild animals that are very protective of their dens and territory. Please do not approach any fox you see,’ he added.

The fox was spotted Monday outside the United States Botanic Garden at the base of the Capitol and later on the Capitol’s southern side, according to the office.

A third incident was reported when Capitol Police said they ‘received a call about a fox approaching staff near First and C Street NE,’ which is not near where the first two encounters took place.
Source: Daily Mail

A Democrat Congressman from California, Ami Bera, was bitten on Monday night. He said that the bite didn’t break skin and he was able to scare the fox away with his umbrella.

A journo for POLITICO said that she was also bitten in the late afternoon on Tuesday.

Capitol Hill Police and D.C. Animal Control were around areas where the fox had been spotted to capture it.

There were some wonderful photos that appeared to show the fox outfoxing animal control.

In the end, the humans managed to capture the vixen.

Before it was revealed that the fox was rabid, she had become sort of a local hero for attacking Dems and journos.

There were even a couple of Twitter accounts that claimed to be the Capitol Fox demanding the fox be released.

Comfortably Smug, co-host of the Ruthless Podcast and a must-follow on Twitter, weighed in.

But wait! There’s more. The female fox had kits that were found nearby.

DC Health said the captured fox was responsible for nine confirmed bites on Capitol Hill in an earlier statement and added that kits — or fox babies — were also found in the area.

“The fox was an adult female and kits were found and captured in the area where the fox was from earlier this morning. If this fox is determined to be the parent of the kits, they will be sent to a wildlife rehabilitation center, otherwise they will be relocated in the area they were found,” the statement said.
Source: ABC News

So, a mother was separated from her babies and then kill her because she was a “Fox.” Sounds like something that Dems and journos would just love to do with the “news babes” that are hosts on Fox News shows… but I digress…

The trio of kits found in the den were euthanized. Dems just can’t help but kill babies when given an opportunity, can they?


Interestingly, Rep. Bera says that he isn’t sure that the now ex-fox is the same one that bit him.

But now it appears that there could be a scandal brewing… with the photo that Bera shared. Sen. Josh Hawley’s Deputy Chief of Staff noticed that the photo that Rep. Bera was showing on his phone was the same one posted on Twitter by a staffer that works on the Hill.

Typical Democrat… take credit for something to create a narrative and then backpedal when caught.

Wild animals in urban settings can get very comfortable around humans but don’t like when their territory is “invaded.”

In late 2020, a CNN reporter was attacked by a raccoon just outside the White House right before going live with his report.

Even the wild animals in D.C. aren’t fond of journos.

But the $64,000 question is did the fox have rabies before or after biting the journo and the Democrat?

I had some fun writing this article, but wild animal bites can be very serious. Don’t approach wild animals even in urban settings. Real life isn’t a Disney movie. If you have been bitten, seek medical attention. You don’t want to mess around with rabies.

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