WATCH: Gaetz Rips Austin A New One Over Military College Speaker’s Open Praise Of Socialism

Written by Wes Walker on April 7, 2022

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Democrats have never been big fans of self-defense. At the personal level, they undermine the 2A, and at the national level, they have obvious contempt for our fighting forces.

Under Biden, that contempt for our military readiness — and even the Constitution said military is sworn to defend — is becoming even increasingly pronounced.

Back in the Obama years, that contempt took the shape of sequestration. It was a policy that achieved the Democrat agenda of starving the military of much-needed resources. ProPublica did a breakdown on what went wrong with the those two ship collisions, including specific mention of Obama-era cuts. The whole piece, although old now, is an eye-opening view about how the funding needs of our military readiness have not been prioritized.

Magnifying the 7th Fleet’s troubles, and the Navy’s broader state of decline, were brutal and sudden budget cuts during the Obama administration by a Congress riven by continued partisan enmity. —ProPublica

The other red flag under Obama was the so-called ‘purge’ of officers who did not share Obama’s radical views on political philosophy.

Here was our reporting of it in 2013 listing by name and branch the top officers that had been pushed out of the miltary: OBAMA’S PURGE: The Terrifying List Of Purged Military High Officers

As one writer on the topic observed, throughout history, whatever follows a purge of military leadership is always bad.

The leadership that survived Obama’s purges have had a few years to influence the culture in the military, and with Biden taking the helm, he has hand-picked people who are more than happy to accelerate the politicization of our military.

This brings us to the question Gaetz dropped on SecDef Lloyd Austin in discussions about defense spending. Why are we spending our current dollars on indoctrinating our veterans about the value of socialism, rather than focusing on, say, military readiness and making sure our military brain trust can properly read and respond to the various threats of our adversaries?

Austin is staring daggers at Gaetz as this exchange gets spicy.

Be sure to watch this 5-minute exchange to the end. Austin tries to accuse Gaetz of being ashamed of the US military.

Gaetz not only defends the honor of the military, but lays blame for the series of blunders we have seen in the last year squarely at the feet of those who really deserve it.


Obama’s legacy to the military was starving the military of leadership and resources.

Biden — whose new military budget doesn’t even keep pace with real inflation — has been adding left-wing indoctrination to that list.

Or, as Gaetz phrased it, ‘wokeism’.

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