Abortion Activists Protest In Front Of Churches And SCOTUS Justices’ Homes (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on May 9, 2022

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The pro-abortion cultists decided to protest their “right” to kill unborn children on Mother’s Day weekend. Oh, the irony!

It’s pretty clear that some peole have lost their minds over the leaked SCOTUS draft decision.

These aren’t the “safe, legal, and rare” abortion activists from the time that Roe was decided — these are the “shout your abortion” zealots that want to use abortion as birth control and have no limits on the murder of babies in the womb whatsoever. These are extremists.

Fox & Friends on the weekend highlighted the extreme, offensive, and in some cases, illegal ways that these ghouls are protesting the Supreme Couert decision that hasn’t even been announced yet.

Pro-abortion activists were protesting outside of the homes of Supreme Court Justices, in front of Catholic Churches, and there was damage at a pro-life advocacy group’s office in Wisconsin.

One group said that as part of their protest, they would burn the eucharist.

The protesters are just charming, by the way. The organizers that doxxed the addresses of the six Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices is called “Ruth Sent Us” and they don’t seem to realize that Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself was not a fan of the reasoning behind Roe even though she agreed with that abortion should be legal.

The vitriol against Christianity by Ruth Sent Us is off the charts.

Women dressed up as handmaid from Margaret Atwood’s overrated book “The Handmaid’s Tale” interrupted church services in opposition of the view of the vast majority of Christians and the official position of the Catholic Church that life begins at conception.

Ironically, interrupting the free exercise of religion at a place of worship is protected under the same law that protects women from being prevented from entering an aboriton clinic.

Protesters also showed up in front of the home of Chief Justice John Roberts.

An angry and agitated mob outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

Some of them really came unhinged after they failed to scuttle Kavanaugh’s nomination, didnt’ they?

This is all illegal, by the way. According to 18 U.S. Code § 1507, intimidating justices can get you a year in the clink.

Whoever, with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer, in the discharge of his duty, pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the United States, or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer, or with such intent uses any sound-truck or similar device or resorts to any other demonstration in or near any such building or residence, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

Nothing in this section shall interfere with or prevent the exercise by any court of the United States of its power to punish for contempt.
Source: Cornell Law

Fox News covered this over the weekend.

On Sunday, a pro-life organization’s office in Madison, Wisconsin had a Molotov cocktail tossed into a window and was vandalized with the threat “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

It’s no surprise they’re behaving like this. Just look at how rational the Dems in office and the media have been.

In 2020, the current Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) threatened two Justices by name in an attempt to influence their decision on a major abortion case, “I want to tell you Gorsuch. I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Schumer was put in his place by Chief Justice Roberts and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The White House refused to condemn the protests last week and the Press Secretary issued a lame condemnation on Twitter on Monday.

A soft rebuke after a weekend of protests? That’s practically an endorsement of the behavior.

The “Ruth Sent Us” group said that they didn’t want “weaponized prayers.” What an interesting phrase.

While they’re conducting their “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests in front of the houses of SCOTUS justices and inside of churches, let’s make sure that we’re praying for the scuttling of their efforts — after all, lives depend on this, and the unborn cannot advocate for themselves.

Psalms of War: Prayers That Literally Kick Ass is a collection, from the book of Psalms, regarding how David rolled in prayer. I bet you haven’t heard these read, prayed, or sung in church against our formidable enemies — and therein lies the Church’s problem. We’re not using the spiritual weapons God gave us to waylay the powers of darkness. It might be time to dust them off and offer ‘em up if you’re truly concerned about the state of Christ’s Church and of our nation.

Also included in this book, Psalms of War, are reproductions of the author’s original art from his Biblical Badass Series of oil paintings.

This is a great gift for the prayer warriors. Real. Raw. Relevant.

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