BUSTED: Dem Senator Caught Colluding With DOJ Congressional Witness, Feeding Him ‘Right’ Answers

Written by Wes Walker on May 3, 2022

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Checks and balances. The Framers envisioned a system where one branch of government would distrust another branch’s misuse of political power, and hold their feet to the fire if they got out of line.

What they did not anticipate was that our moral convictions would become so tepid that our political class would choose to collude with the rival branch of government rather than discharge their duties honorably.

Then again, the Senator from Georgia is not the sort of honor-bound civil servant the Framers had in mind.

Memos made public under the Freedom of Information Act show Ossoff, a freshman Democrat, fed his planned questions and even suggested an answer to Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristin Clarke ahead of two Senate Judiciary Committee hearings last fall.

“Please let me know if you think AAG Clarke would have any trouble answering those (as in, whether it’d be hard for her to give a straight ‘yes’ to those and I can redirect them to someone on the second panel),” Ossoff’s general counsel Sara Schaumburg wrote to Deputy Assistant Attorney General Helaine A. Greenfeld in the department’s Office of Legislative Affairs ahead of the first hearing in early October 2021. —JustTheNews

Rather than using hearings as an opportunity to get updates on what is happening within a particular department over which they exercise Congressional oversight, we have evidence that Senator Ossoff, for his part, was not only feeding questions to the would-be witnesses in advance, and asking whether any of his questions ’caused heartburn’ for people in the departments, but he also provided the answers he expected to hear in return.

This is the exact opposite of what Congressional oversight was designed for. The back-and-forth wasn’t just unidirectional, either.

The memos obtained by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and reviewed by Just the News provide a rare window into the stage management that occurred between the Biden DOJ and its allies in Congress on what were supposed to be independent hearings.

They show Greenfeld initiated the Q&A sharing back on Oct. 3, 2021, a few days before Clarke was slated to testify in the Senate Judiciary Committee on voting rights and a new bill being considered to honor the late Congressman John Lewis.

“Sara, Just checking in to see if you know if your boss is planning to come to the three SJC hearings with DOJ witnesses this week: VAWA, Antitrust nominee, and Voting Rights, and what questions he might ask if he does come,” Greenfeld wrote Schaumberg. “We’d appreciate any intel you might have.” —JustTheNews

In another exchange listed in the original article, a series of four questions centered on legislation around John Lewis were laid out, including the explicit use of the phrase ‘expected answer‘ (including a response that followed) which was provided to the witness by Ossoff’s aid in the email exchange.

When John Solomon compared the Senator-supplied answer to the Senator’s leaked questions to the actual on-the-record exchange, between Ossoff and the witness, the conversation did not deviate far from the pre-arranged script.

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