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SICK: Dems Stonewalling Inquiry Into New York Nursing Home COVID Deaths

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Big government Democrats will normally launch an inquiry at the drop of a hat. So what makes THIS one different?

Like Fauci, even most of the hard-core lockdown regions of the country are finally coming to grips with the fact that the coronavirus is no longer ‘novel’. It’s something we’ll just have to learn to live with.

Transition points like this one are usually the time when a ‘post-mortem’ review of how things were handled during an emergency, and what lessons can be learned for the future.

With the way COVID ripped through nursing homes like wildfire, you would think that would be a perfect candidate for an inquiry to come back with a report detailing what went wrong and what we could do differently in the future.

So why are New York Dems so adamantly opposed to running a proper inquiry into why so many New Yorkers died in retirement homes?

Bipartisan legislation to investigate the impact of ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic policies on the nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 is being bottled up in committee so leading lawmakers won’t be implicated in the scandal, sponsors of the measures told The Post on Monday.

“There’s no question in my mind that they want to hold this up,” said state Sen. Jim Tedisco (R-Schenectady).

“I think it touches on them. And it touches on what they’ve done so far.”

Tedisco noted that the Democrats who control both chambers of the Legislature “never used one subpoena at a hearing” and allowed former Health Commissioner Howard Zucker to “dance around all day” when he was grilled about the state’s cover-up of the nursing home deaths. —NYPost

In March, we learned through a state comptroller’s audit that an additional 4,100 nursing home deaths that had not been reported to the public among the official count of nursing home deaths. Those additional deaths balloon the overall death count to 15,438.

This is one more data point on top of Cuomo’s obstruction of justice during the Trump administration indicating that there was a deliberate coverup and the knowledge that something was very, very wrong.

But that might remind much of the public that some (many?) of their beloved elderly relatives died because elected Democrats made horrible decisions for political reasons.

Here is a sampling of ClashDaily coverage of Cuomo’s nursing home malfeasance:

If Dems aren’t going to do an inquiry because it’s the right and decent thing to do, at least do it because the blood of 15,000 New Yorkers calls out for answers.

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Wes Walker

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