Defenders of Democracy? Dems Care More About ‘Offensive’ Ruling Than Any Threat To Rule Of Law (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 4, 2022

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Dems keep branding themselves the great defenders of Democracy, protecting it against Republican attacks on the rule of law… but their actions say something very different.

Politico set the political world on fire by releasing a draft copy of a SCOTUS work product. This has been an egregious affront to the private deliberations and political independence our judges are expected to enjoy while deciding complex cases.

The point of this part of a coequal branch of government is that the Supreme Court Justices are NOT accountable to the whims of the public, nor are they concerned about future efforts to please the public and secure their continuance in their role. In principle, they have one concern, and one concern only: to hear grievances and determine what the law advises on the matter.

Democrats never complained about the Supreme Court when it could be reliably counted upon to rubber-stamp issues they might never be able to push through in ordinary legislation. But now there is a slight originalist edge to the court. Because it stands as an obstacle in the path to their power, they have marked it as an enemy, and are acting accordingly.

A partisan from within the court broke faith with every standard and norm of the institution by making the draft copy of a Majority opinion in favor of rescinding Roe V Wade public.

This seriousness is underscored by the official statement of the Chief Justice, which included the following words: “This was a singular and egregious breach of that trust that is an affront to the Court and the community of public servants who work here.”

This violation of protocol and secrecy has been described as an ‘earthquake’ in terms of its significance to the breach of trust within the court itself.

Yet, because it serves the partisan aims of Democrats, they are openly celebrating the leak and condemning the judicial ruling instead.

Just watch the contrast between how Schumer and McConnell have addressed the issue.

Schumer was incensed over the possibility that legislators in individual states, rather than the nine unelected members of the Supreme Court, would be establishing the legal parameters for abortion.

Without any hint of irony, he stood up on his soapbox and said that such a ruling would mean ‘our children will have less rights than their parents.’

Hey genius, you haven’t figured out yet that this is precisely the objection people have with the extinguishing in utero life?

McConnell had a very different reaction. He reminded us of Schumer’s sordid history of uttering threats against SCOTUS (calling them out by name!) if they didn’t hand down the kind of ruling he demanded.

Because these Dems only make a pretense of caring about the Constitution or the rule of law. As soon as some aspect of the Constitution becomes an obstacle to their power, they will declare war on it.

Let’s keep this in mind the next time they solemnly claim Republicans are some kind of an existential threat to the Constitution and only they can save America.

Ask yourself, have you heard any complaints about the Electoral college since, oh, about 2020?

Of course not. Their guy got sworn in. But the 4 years before that, there were endless articles explaining why it was an antiquated and undemocratic relic. Now we’re seeing the same thing with Judicial Rulings. They are happy to declare the wisdom of these same judges if they like the ruling.

But let them strike down a mask mandate or threaten the bottom line of their beloved political slush fund Planned Parenthood and you’ll see a scene straight out of The Exorcist.

Get ready for a series of attacks (maybe even an attempted impeachment) of Justice Thomas. And if they can’t do that, they’ll find some blue-ribbon panel suggesting the time has finally come for court-packing.

All in the name of saving the Republic, of course.

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