HILARIOUS: Collection Of Kamala’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Since Becoming Veep (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 9, 2022

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It’s only fitting that the President who has called himself a ‘gaffe machine’ picked someone even less eloquent than himself as his running mate.

Weak people have a habit of surrounding themselves with people who won’t outshine them in public. It’s not easy to find someone in public life who can say less in more words than Joe Biden, but he managed to find one.

She’s got that air of self-importance that dresses up her bafflegab in exactly the kind of language that Scott Adams made a career out of lampooning with his Dilbert cartoons.

As a lifelong politician, she has specialized in the empty political version of that same meaningless drivel that’s one part Tony Robbins positive affirmations, one part boardroom formality, and one part pandering activism.

It’s hard enough to listen to when someone with the ability to read a room like Obama is laying it on thick. But when someone as ‘amateur hour’ as Kamala trots out that schtick? It’s enough to make your ears bleed.

Here are some of her more laughable moments.

Then again, why the hell are we laughing? The joke’s on us. She’s one heartbeat away from holding the nuclear football.

It was a cagey decision on Joe’s part, to be sure. As much as we used to joke that Joe was chosen by Obama as ‘assassination insurance’ Kamala is clearly Joe’s ’25th Amendment insurance’.

Eating ‘no for breakfast’? Ooooh, she must imagine she’s a real badass.

No, dear. Trading sexual favors to powerful Democrats in exchange for access to political office is the opposite of ‘badass’. Our young ladies deserve better role models. Fortunately, we have some.

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