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Bill O’Reilly Shared A Secret About Trump’s Border Success That ‘Nobody Knows’

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In the final hour of Mark Levin’s May 5th episode, Bill O’Reilly shared something about Trump and the border that was not publicly known. Here’s what he said…

The conversation between O’Reilly and Levin ranged from the anti-terrorist operations overseas, to ‘extreme measures’ and the killing of Al Baghdadi, to the state of the Southern Border with Biden and Kamala’s failures there.

Then Bill shared a story about Trump that was not widely known. It’s a story many of our readers would appreciate.

BILL O’REILLY: So, the question you ask is a good one, why wouldn’t a president who knows the chaos and the debacle that’s going on take an interest in stopping it? Now I’m going to tell you something that nobody knows, are you ready for that?

MARK LEVIN: Yes sir.

BILL: Donald Trump. About four years ago, I had a conversation — and you know I’ve known him for a long time —

MARK: Oh, yeah.

BILL: And he was very frustrated about not getting the border wall up and the continuing flow of migrants into America. Trump was crazed about it. He said, ‘what would you do’? He was talking to me. And I said ‘I would designate the drug cartels, the people smugglers in Mexico as terrorists. Once a President does that, then the United States can blow the hell out of them and send in special forces to kill them. Once you’re designated a terror group.’ So, Trump took that to Obrador and said, ‘if you don’t put the Mexican army on the Northern and Southern borders of your country, we’re going to designate the cartels as terrorists and go in without your permission and destroy them.’

MARK: Wow.

BILL: A week later, guess who was on the southern border and the northern border of Mexico? The army. That stopped the mass migration. And the deal was made, and Trump’s the best deal-maker in the world, was ‘don’t do it, don’t embarrass me’, this is what Obrador’s saying, ‘and I’ll stop the migrant flow.’

The day Biden was inaugurated, the Mexican army left the border. I’ve never said that to anybody on any show, it’s absolutely true, and that’s the kind of information that I know about in the terror arena.

MARK: It’s brilliant. And I always wondered why. Why all of a sudden the Mexicans agreed to use their army when they wouldn’t agree before? Now you just told us why. Because we were going to use our special forces otherwise.

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