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ICYMI: Rand Paul Questioned Mayorkas Over Misinformation … And Ate Him Alive

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Mayorkas showed up to answer some questions about the new interest his department has taken up in regulating ‘Misinformation’. Rand Paul reminded us all why governments should not be in the business of regulating ‘misinformation’.

With the world busy blowing up over questions before the Supreme Court, we didn’t spend as much time on Homeland Security’s new misinformation commissar. Here’s an exchange between Rand Paul and Mayorkas we never quite got a chance to discuss before now.

As a libertarian, Rand Paul is different from other Republicans, but one thing he cannot be accused of being is ‘unprincipled’. If anything, it goes the other direction where his principles sometimes get in the way of pushing this or that Republican policy.

Also as a libertarian, he cares about the rights of a citizen. A lot. This includes freedom of speech.

Here is Rand Paul explaining to Mayorkas precisely why it’s a horrible idea for a government to be policing what is and is not ‘misinformation’… specifically the US government.

He brings the receipts in a way that even America-hating leftists would have to concede.

One of the key takeaways — and not even the most compelling one — was this: ‘we can’t even agree on what disinformation is, you can’t even agree that it was disinformation the Russians fed information to the Steele Dossier. If you can’t agree to that, how are we ever going to come to an agreement on what is disinformation so you can police it on social media.

Sen. Paul pulls out the big guns at the 4:28 mark and lights Mayorkas up.

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