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Hunter/Burisma Connection In Firm Admitting To Foreign Lobbying In 2016 … Is That News?

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Even before Joe declared his candidacy for President, many of us smelled a rat in the Biden family’s Ukraine connections. And we said so at the time.

Trump’s ‘perfect phone call’ with Zelenskyy leading to Impeachment 1.0 only makes sense as a damage control move to block any inquiry into what REALLY happened when Joe Biden told Ukraine that USA would withhold any foreign aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine fired that one Ukrainian criminal investigator that Joe Biden didn’t like.

That investigator had been leading an investigation into Burisma Holdings, a company Joe’s son just ‘happened’ to be sitting on the board of, making gobs of money for – nobody can quite say why. That’s not entirely accurate. The most obvious reason is that Burisma was buying access to very well-connected Americans who could put the muscle on Ukraine government officials if and when they needed a favor.

The media had exactly ZERO interest in any allegations against the Biden family, claiming it was an attempt at Trump to discredit a political rival. It really does take some brass ones to make that accusation after they pushed obviously bogus and manufactured Russian collusion stories for years.

But we now have, as Paul Harvey used to say, ‘the rest of the story’.

The founders of Blue Star Strategies said in filings under the Foreign Agents Registration Act that they arranged two meetings in 2016 between State Department officials and an attorney of Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky. The founders of the firm, Sally Painter and Karen Tramontano, sought to assess the government’s position towards Zlochevsky, who was under an international bribery investigation. They began working for Burisma in late 2015 after an introduction from Hunter Biden. Biden’s work for the scandal-plagued Burisma drew scrutiny at the time because his father served as the United States’ government’s chief liaison to Ukraine.

The filing could mark a significant development in a federal investigation into Biden and his cronies’ foreign business dealings. Federal prosecutors are reportedly probing Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine and China. Prosecutors have also reportedly investigated whether Painter and Tramontano, who served in the Clinton administration, violated foreign agent laws by failing to disclose their work for Burisma.

Biden, who joined Burisma’s board in April 2014, has claimed his job was to advise the company on international energy deals. But emails from his abandoned laptop show he played a key role in Burisma’s public relations efforts in the West. Biden served as the middleman between Burisma and Blue Star for a consulting deal to burnish Burisma’s reputation in the eyes of U.S. government officials.

Blue Star’s retroactive foreign agent disclosure could be related to the looming federal investigation, or even be part of a settlement deal with prosecutors. The firm said it is registering its work for Burisma “pursuant to guidance from Department of Justice personnel.” –FreeBeacon

What does that mean with respect to some very straight-line allegations with supporting evidence suggesting connections between Blue Star Strategies, Burisma, and claims that Hunter was lobbying his dad’s office to twist Ukraine’s arm in a pay-for-play racket?

A cynical answer would say it means it’s good to have a friendly Wingman willing to use his political office to clean up your messes.

The Justice Department has closed a probe into a public affairs firm that did work on behalf of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma which had Hunter Biden serving in a lucrative post on its board of directors, according to a new report.

…An amended filing dated May 12 stated: ‘Pursuant to guidance from DOJ personnel, registrant is adding retroactively a foreign principal for a specific and limited time in 2016. The filings are intended to facilitate full termination of registrant’s current FARA reporting status as an agent of a foreign principal.’–DailyMail

That case, against some well-connected Dems, has been closed.

But that same DOJ has been pressing a case against a Republican, Steve Wynn, claiming he should be registered as a lobbyist for China.

That’s funny. We’ve all seen emails from a certain infamous ‘Laptop From Hell’ that tells us a lot about OTHER people who have failed to register as foreign lobbyists for China.

Who was that again? Has the DOJ looked into any of that? Of course not. They’re too busy saving the world from Ultra MAGA.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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