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LAPTOP FROM HELL: Hunter Linked To Russian Oligarch Who Supplied Drones Putin Used Against Ukraine

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Trump has a one-off conversation with a Russian in Trump Tower and his family gets an Inquisition, but Hunter has actual business dealings with Putin’s Oligarchs while his dad was Veep, and we get crickets from the media?

The laptop that even regime media can no longer pass off as ‘Russian disinformation’ anymore has plenty of incriminating dirt on it.

Even if you leave aside the salacious parts of his private life or his wild drug-addled parties, his morally dubious business dealings with foreign entities while his dad held high office would be enough to absolutely destroy anyone who was not being shielded from consequences by influential people in high places.

But after Biden’s tough-guy posturing toward Russia, and the targeted destruction and seizure of assets of many Russian oligarchs, it is very interesting to note the special treatment an oligarch who supplied Putin with his drones seems to be getting from America.

You would think that in light of Russia’s war on Ukraine, someone with a direct role in facilitating Putin’s slaughter of Ukrainian civilians would get special attention to feel the blunt end of our sanctions pool cue. What could possibly explain why America would be softer on this guy than our British counterparts have been?

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, 73, owns a company which reportedly supplied Putin’s forces with drones used for deadly bombing raids in Ukraine and until last year owned key Russian defense contractor RTI.

But while he was added to the UK and Australian sanctions lists this month but remains one of a handful of oligarchs unsanctioned by the Biden administration. —DailyMail

Yevtushenkov wouldn’t happen to have any friends in America that would be shielding him, would he? Not in an environment where Putin is the personification of evil and associations with Russia have been the pretext for career-ruining or administration-destroying criminal investigations?

Obviously, the Democrats have complete control of the government. Surely, after years of anti-Russia hand-wringing they would want a maximum pressure campaign on every Russian who has the slightest whiff of being part of the war in Ukraine… if for no other reason than for the virtue-signaling and public praise that comes with being identified as a friend of Ukraine and ‘tough on Russia’.

If only there were some kind of a clue as to what might make his case ‘special’…

Hunter’s multiple meetings and apparent business deals with him are the latest in a troubling web of his connections to Putin-linked mega-rich individuals which has emerged from his abandoned laptop.

Emails show the president’s son and his business partners were courting Yevtushenkov for an investment in their real estate company in 2012 and 2013.

…Three months later Hunter got involved, scheduling a trip to the Russian capital for a dinner with Yevtushenkov at the headquarters of his company Sistema on February 16, 2012, according to emails and calendar entries on his laptop.

Documents published this week by journalist Vicky Ward on her blog suggest the Russian billionaire then took a trip to the US for meetings with Hunter and his Rosemont Realty business partners.

A Sistema itinerary translated from Russian, which Ward reported was leaked to her from a source close to Yevtushenkov’s company, lists a March 14, 2012 ‘breakfast with Hunter Biden’ at the Ritz-Carlton in New York.

…Later that day Yevtushenkov flew to Dallas, Texas and had another ‘breakfast with Rosemont Realty’ at the city’s Ritz-Carlton on March 15, according to the itinerary.

Eight months later, Archer wrote an email outlining two January 2013 meetings with Hunter and the oligarch in Washington DC, part of an apparent pitch of a commercial real estate deal for Rosemont Realty. —DailyMail

The source story goes into even more detail and reminds us that one of Hunter’s business partners is currently serving time in prison for trying to defraud a native American tribe out of $60M.

What are the odds that someone who just happened to have been connected to Hunter Biden’s business during the Obama administration would somehow sidestep the crushing sanctions ruining the lives and fortunes of so many other Russian billionaires? Sanctions that our allies saw every reason to level on him.

Seems weird, huh? But seriously. Let’s all ignore that issue and go back to talking about the ’emoluments clause’ being triggered when some random foreigner spends a night in one of Trump’s ritzy hotels.

Because ‘priorities’, or something.

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Wes Walker

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