LYING SACKS OF CRAP: Ted Cruz Rips Dems For Lies, Grandstanding & Abortion Extremism (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 16, 2022

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Dems didn’t just lose their minds over the abortion issue, they lost the argument. The way they’ve been scrambling since that SCOTUS leak proves it.

Mere minutes after the Dems’ so-called attempt to ‘codify Roe v. Wade’ (it was anything BUT that) flopped in the Senate, Ted Cruz sat down with Michael Knowles to bring us all up to speed on how the other party has been flailing ever since that leak went public.

The tone of this half-hour show is best summed up by the quote referenced in our headline. Ted didn’t put too fine a point on what he thought of Democrat duplicity when he said:

‘Democrats have another tell which is, you notice that when they’re talking about the Dobbs decision they very very quickly say if this decision goes into effect, it will strike down the availability of contraceptives right, it will strike down gay marriage and interracial marriage, that the New York Times went so far the editorial board of the New York Times suggested that there were multiple states in the union that, if they were allowed to, would ban interracial marriage. What utter garbage. You bigoted, moronic, Manhattan, leftist, elite, lying sacks of crap.

It doesn’t dawn on any of those clowns that Justice Clarence Thomas just happens to be married to a white lady.

Senator Cruz isn’t pulling any punches on this one.

We’ll help our readers navigate by putting a timestamped summary of the content so that those of you in a hurry can find what you’re looking for and go get on with your day.

0:00 – 4:00 Intro/Sponsor Ads
4:04 Discussion around Democrat Bill to ‘codify Roe v. Wade’
— Not a ‘filibuster’ so much as a bipartisan 51-49 defeat of their measure
5:00 Explains the Lie behind ‘codifying Roe’.
— Dem law was far more radical and aggressively pro-abortion than Roe ever was.
— Strikes down State restrictions, on even late-term abortions
— Overrules state laws on taxpayer funding of abortion, and parental consent
6:00 Parts of Roe were already overruled by SCOTUS in the Casey decision.
6:55 Calls out activist courts (especially Roe) the real assault on Democracy
7:05 Dems don’t actually believe in Democracy
7:38 Dems have a poker ‘tell’ when they’re lying
7:50 49 of 50 Dem Senators voted for something so radical only 6% of Americans support it
8:30 Lying sacks of crap rant
9:56 Dems know they’re out of step with public opinion
— that’s why they jump to clickbait outrage topics rather than defend their position on its own merits
11:00 Dems so captured by radical activists that they no longer care about swing voters or soccer moms. They care about activist footsoldiers and money
— Dems could have gotten more than 50 votes, including some Republican squishes (but still less than 60) on a slightly more modest abortion bill. But Schumer is beholden to the extremists
13:00 Crowds protesting justices’ homes (also targeting churches, pro-life buildings)
— an attack on rule of law
15:00 Law expressly forbidding the political pressuring of judges
17:15 Schumer’s home is protested half the week
–failed to mention it’s leftists protesting him.
–Also: elected officials are responsible to the public will. Judges are not.
18:00 Schumer threatened SCOTUS Justices by name

20:00 In other news… a proposed Bill protecting freedoms
– Allowing Military Exemptions Recognizing Individual Concerns About New Shots Act.
–Will protect American servicemen from losing their jobs for refusing to take the Covid vaccine… and will get them their job back, or if they don’t wish to return, their discharge status will be adjusted to reflect their work record, not their position on the vaccine.

23:00 onward (viewer questions)

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