PA Primaries Are Upon Us – Here Are Some Polls Worth Remembering Before The Vote

Written by Wes Walker on May 16, 2022

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We’ve seen first-hand what kind of damage Pelosi and Schumer holding the gavels can unleash on the country. If getting those gavels back is a key priority… so is picking a primary candidate who can win.

If we’d held even one more seat in the Senate, this whole administration would have taken a very different direction. They wouldn’t have had the ability to cram hostile agendas down our throats or appoint openly radical nominees for positions of power.

The Bill Buckley standard for who to support in a race is pretty simple: “I’d be for the most right, viable candidate who could win.”

That means the public perception of a candidate, not only to the base but to the voting public who will be making the decision should given at least some consideration when choosing a candidate. We’ve seen elections on either side of the political aisle where the public flipped loyalties because an incumbent candidate had veered too far out of alignment with what the public wanted from a leader.

In choosing a leader, issues are one consideration. Resume is another. But we can’t dismiss the importance of personal relatability, either. It really doesn’t matter how enthusiastic the base is for one candidate if they can’t get support from swing votes and undecideds.

That brings us to the latest Emerson College polling from the PA primaries.

The current polling numbers give Oz a slight lead among Republican Party supporters. But that only tells part of the story. Fifteen percent are undecided, and these three are carrying the lion’s share of support:

Here are some of the demographic breakdowns. Pay particular attention to the last part about the ‘unfavorables’.

There is a generational divide among GOP voters in the Senate primary: 33% of those under 50 break for McCormick whereas those over 50 break for Oz with 38%; just 15% support among those over 50 support McCormick. Barnette does best with 30-64 year old voters with 32%.

Oz trails McCormick in the suburbs 32% to 27%, while Barnette leads Oz in rural areas 31% to 28%. In the urban/city areas, Oz receives 31%, followed by McCormick at 26% and Barnette at 21%.

Oz has 32% of the female vote and receives 25% of the male vote, Barnette receives an equal break of 24% apiece while McCormick’s base is the male vote at 28% compared to 13% of the female vote.

While Oz holds a plurality of support in the primary, 48% of Republican primary voters have a somewhat or strongly unfavorable opinion of Oz, compared to 32% who have an unfavorable opinion of McCormick and 28% who view Barnette unfavorably. David McCormick has the highest favorability: 46% have a strongly or somewhat favorable opinion of McCormick. Barnette holds 43% favorability while Oz holds 37%. — EmersonCollege

Popular support or not, Oz’s favorability numbers are looking almost as bad as Biden’s.

Whoever your choice is, keep that in mind before you head out to vote. We want to get this one right.

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