‘Rolling Thunder’ Bikers Ride Into Ottawa — Triggered Leftists Vandalize A Church

Written by Sir John, Eh! on May 2, 2022

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A veteran-organized motorcycle ride was misconstrued in Canada’s Capital over the weekend and the result was a hate crime.

Bikers from across the country came to the Nation’s Capital on Friday to “reconsecrate” the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa that they say was “desecrated” by Ottawa and Canadian authorities during the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy. Authorities erected a fence around the memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier preventing access to the public. Many veterans found this reaction to the truckers’ protest particularly disrespectful.

The Canadian Media have painted “Rolling Thunder Canada”, (which was inspired by the U.S. Rolling Thunder ride into D.C. to honor veterans,) as a Freedom Convoy 2.0 protest and it was not intended to be anything of the sort.

While some were trucker protesters returning to Ottawa and many Canadians did show up with flags and shouted about “freedom” from the ongoing COVID travel restrictions on unvaccinated Canadians and general authoritarianism under the Trudeau regime, the organizer of the rally said the ride was not meant as a protest but was meant to show support for veterans and reclaim the monument.

Neil Sheard, the veteran who organized said in an interview that it isn’t about a protest at all.

It’s all about the monument. It’s not a protest. Because when the powers that be decided to put a big monster fence around our monument, that’s ours. That’s a veterans monument. That’s our that takes receipts for all the people that died from the Boer War to off to Afghanistan that takes receipts.

The turnout was amazing.

The city of Ottawa was prepared to crack down as soon as the bikers rolled into town.

Here is Mayor Jim Watson talking about how they had “all hands on deck” to ticket and tow bikers and spreading lies about the truckers protest smearing it as a hotbed of racism and bigotry… which was not the case at all.

The Mayor wasn’t the only one triggered.

Tens of other Ottawa residents weren’t too pleased. They decided to host an “Unwelcome Party” but it appears that very few people were invited despite fairly heavy local coverage.

Perhaps the return of the geese this spring triggered their PTSD and they’re suffering again from the “phantom honking”.

It was a delight to watch this lone woman become completely unhinged on camera. She has no idea what the protest is about or what she’s counter-protesting.

Bikers were welcomed with fines, tickets, and a few towed vehicles.

Welcome to Ottawa, where peaceful protest is greeted with heavy-handed police action!

Canadian reporter Lorrie Goldstein took a jab at the police on Twitter saying that it couldn’t possibly be true because clearly, you need to invoke the equivalent of Martial Law in order to tow vehicles in Ottawa.

A church near downtown Ottawa was vandalized overnight on Saturday with thumbtacks tossed on the property’s driveway and small parking lot.

The building is the home of Capital City Biker’s Church and the last scheduled event for Rolling Thunder was a Sunday morning worship service.

Worshippers arrived at the church to see “No haven for fascism” spraypainted on the front of the brick building.

Mischief, eh? Isn’t that what the Freedom Convoy organizers were kept in solitary confinement for “counselling” people to do? Let’s see if they hold these vandals that actually damaged property to the same standard. (Somehow, I doubt it.)

Hundreds of people packed an Ottawa church on Sunday morning to mark the final schedule event of the weekend-long “Rolling Thunder” protest as police launched an investigation into vandalism that allegedly took place ahead of the gathering.

Bikers, “Rolling Thunder” rally supporters and other worshippers arrived at the Capital City Bikers’ Church to find its brick exterior had been vandalized with spray-painted messages including “fascists” and “no haven for fascism.”

The Ottawa Police Service confirmed its hate crime unit is investigating “an incident of hate-motivated Mischief at a religious institution” on on Carillon Street, the same one where the church is located.

But the incident did little to suppress the spirits of the enthusiastic, peaceful crowd.

A four-piece band belted out soulful Christian rock songs while hundreds of worshipers waved their arms in the air.
Source: Ottawa Sun

While some Ottawans were worried about an “occupation” the bikers left with no trouble on Sunday.

Kinda makes all those “Rolling Thunder” counter-protesters look like complete idiots, doesn’t it?

Well, if the clown shoe fits, right?

Oh, by the way, the Rolling Thunder protest didn’t raise any money for itself, but once they heard about a cycling fundraiser for the Children’s hospital in Ottawa, they encouraged visitors to their site to donate to that by providing information on the fundraiser and a donate button.


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