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How Dare You, Mr. Gore?

Recently, Al Gore (former VP of the US) compared “climate deniers” to police in Uvalde who stood immobile in the school hallway listening to the screams of children being shot by a murdering intruder. So, in the mind of Al Gore, anyone who disagrees with him about the nature of climate change is an accessory to murder, a coward willing to stand by as children are murdered.

Let’s play “What If?”

Assume for a moment that most of the claims of climate activists are bogus. A huge group of very informed and experienced scientists agree that activist claims are bogus. You will never hear from these scientists because the hoax must be protected and advanced for obvious reasons.

Safely assume also that climate radicals have no interest in correctly defining a problem they insist exists. They have no interest in correctly defining the problem because they know there is no solution to an illusory problem, and, they have no interest in solutions because harping on the problem keeps the money flowing.

Like all good hoaxes, there are great profits involved.

But there is a huge problem associated with all this confusion: looming famine. “What if” the climate hysterics get their way? What if they shut down fossil fuels? What if they cripple farmers? What if food cannot be transported quickly and cost-effectively? What if economies falter and collapse because there is no work, no income?

In this scenario, climate radicals become murderers via famine, and spin-off events like pandemics, food riots, war, and mayhem.

Public discourse is already exceedingly toxic. We don’t need Al Gore throwing fossil fuels on the fire. But Al doesn’t care because he supports to goals of the World Economic Forum and related communists worldwide: doing away with private property and liberty, the destruction of the West, population reduction (killing off billions of people), the installation of global communism.

Don’t you get it!?

Heaven on earth is the vision!

Never mind the vision has failed hundreds of times during the last several thousand years. What if aspiring dictators with nuclear weapons can’t find the magic formula allowing for the brotherhood of global communism? What if they turn on one another with missiles fully loaded? Well, in that instance, global warming and famine will be the least of our concerns because for a few horrific moments we will witness global meltdown.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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