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WATCH: Sen. Warren Says That Crisis Pregnancy Centers ‘Torture Pregnant Women’ And Should Be Shut Down

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Sen. Liz Warren is on the warpath and her ire is centered squarely on the charities that offer assistance to desperate, pregnant women.

What an interesting strategy.

Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-MA) has been very, very angry ever since the Originalist Justices on the Supreme Court overturned the most atrocious example of judicial activism in the United States that has cost millions of lives of innocent babies.

On the day that the draft of the Dobbs decision was leaked, Senator Elizabeth Warren was absolutely enraged that millions of babies — disproportionately more black and brown babies, incidentally — would be born rather than torn apart in their mother’s womb.

Warren is upset that the decision to pass legislation on elective abortion in the United States now goes to the individual states where it was before the Supreme Court in 1973 usurped the authority of the state legislatures to pass laws regarding abortion. The Roe decision took away the ability of citizens to lobby their representatives in government on what laws would reflect their values since it made restrictions on abortion prior to 24 weeks — where the vast majority of Americans’ position actually is — extremely difficult. The Casey decision that tossed aside the trimester model in Roe to not put an “undue burden” on women made Supreme Court challenges to any restrictions even more likely.

But now, we have Dobbs and a “Super Precedent” on abortion no longer stands. The real work of the pro-life movement is only beginning.

One of the key ways that pro-lifers have consistently expressed their view that life is valuable is through the creation and support of crisis pregnancy centers to assist women in need.

Depending on the center, they offer ultrasounds, counseling, prenatal care, vitamins, diapers, parenting classes, financial assistance, maternity and baby clothing, baby equipment, and even referral to adoption services.

Sen. Warren seems to believe that they are nefarious entities that are “torturing pregnant women” by… *checks notes*… not dismembering their babies in their womb.

Here she is saying that they all need to be shut down.

This comes as crisis pregnancy centers have been under attack by rabid pro-abortionists since May.

ClashDaily reported on the targeting of pro-life facilities that began in May and has continued as Democrats turn a blind eye to political violence from their side while hand-wringing about how the “JaNuArY 6th iNsUrReCtIoN” was a threat to democracy.

In her own state, two of these centers were vandalized by an extreme pro-abortion activist group. The head of one of the centers is begging for local politicians to condemn the attacks and has labeled these attacks “domestic terrorism.”

Last Thursday morning, two women’s pregnancy counseling clinics in Worcester, Massachusetts were vandalized, and the head of one of them is calling the attack on her center “domestic terrorism.”

Both Clearway Center and the nearby Problem Pregnancy clinic were hit. Glass doors and windows were smashed in, paint was splattered, and the entrances to the clinics were spray-painted in black with the words, “Jane’s Revenge,” the name of a radical pro-abortion group, which has yet to publicly claim responsibility for the attacks…

…“We call on our state officials to publicly condemn the domestic terrorist attack against our organization. Violence against our center harms the women, babies, and families that rely on us for help in times of need,” Clearway Clinic Executive Director Kelly Wilcox said in a statement regarding the vandalism.

“We are deeply saddened that misunderstandings about what we do have led to pro-abortion extremists targeting our center,” Wilcox says. “However, we are committed to continuing our mission of serving women in our community.”

“All women are welcome regardless of what they ultimately decide to do. We provide HIPAA compliant, compassionate care and a safe environment for women to review all their options. Our exit surveys bear this out with a client satisfaction rate of more than 98 percent,” the statement notes.
Source: CNS News

Does Liz Warren not want women in crisis to have support and counseling? Does she not want some of their immediate physical needs met? Does she not want to empower these women to take care of their own children or assist them in the process of adoption if they really feel that they can’t for whatever reason?

Why is she so upset about these centers when an ultrasound showing these desperate women that their baby is actually a baby is only a tiny fraction of what a crisis pregnancy center does?

For years we were told that abortions are only about 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, but if that’s the case… then why are so many of them closing after the Dobbs decision?

Here’s the truth — abortion is a big business with a lot of money to be made in the trafficking of fetal body parts for medical research. Babies that are more developed are wanted for specific tissue that can be used in all sorts of disturbing ways.

We all know how this works — Planned Parenthood makes money on abortion and then uses that to support Democrats who then push for fewer restrictions on abortion and increased funding for Planned Parenthood who then support Democrats… It’s a money laundering scheme that rests on the bodies of millions of dead babies.

It’s ghoulish and Liz Warren and her ilk think it’s perfectly fine to do it because it helps their team.

Pro-lifers, on the other hand, think that every life is precious and that motherhood is a gift from God.

Pro-lifers are pro-woman and pro-child.

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