CNN’s Brian Stelter Brings On Always Wrong Paul Krugman To Gaslight Americans About The Recession

Written by K. Walker on August 1, 2022

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This “meeting of the minds” was just what you’d expect — a couple of idiot Biden apologists chatting.

The Useful Idiots are going to continue to insist that the country isn’t in a recession even though we’ve used two consecutive quarters of negative growth to define a recession for nearly 50 years.

CNN’s Brian Stelter had Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, perpetually wrong New York Times columnist, and Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer, on his ironically-named show, Reliable Sources.

Stelter giddily introduces his guest and tees him up (with a girlish giggle) to dismiss the idea that the country is in a recession.

If you can believe it, it got even dumber than that. He says that it’s “partisanship” that is causing all the recession talk and not the six consecutive months of decline in GDP.

Here’s a slightly longer clip posted by Grabien’s Tom Elliott.

Krugman goes on to say that people are “pretty upbeat” about their personal financial situation but concerned about the economy and that this is a failure of the media.

No, really he said that.

Tell me you don’t talk to anyone outside of your lib media bubble without telling me that you don’t talk to anyone outside of your lib media bubble.

He doesn’t seem to know anyone that is having difficulty making ends meet with high gas prices, groceries costing more, and interest rates increasing.

That claim that gas prices have been “going down” is just ridiculous. It’s still roughly double what it was when Biden took office and throughout the Trump presidency, so… shut up, Paul!

But he won’t shut up, even though he’s been wrong about so very many things — and in the pages of the New York Times, to boot!

Krugman said that he tries to admit when he’s wrong. Oh, really?

Did he admit that he was wrong about this doozy from November 2016?

Or this tweet?

What about this one?

No? Weird.

Speaking of being wrong about so many, many things, Krugman steps outside the topic of economics to dispel some of the “dystopian myths” about America. The 2020 George Floyd riots weren’t so bad according to Krugman. Oh, and the increase in crime isn’t a big deal, either.

Californiaites and New Yorkers have been fleeing their states in droves. Do you think that rising crime rates have nothing to do with that?

Krugman is so out of touch.

The segment was widely mocked on Twitter.

Maybe. Here’s how he teased the Krugman segment.

They can try gaslighting, but it’s still the economy, stupid.

The midterms are coming up and this is what the Biden admin and the Regime Media are going with.

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