Demons, Disease & A Disobedient Leper (Live From Liberty Fellowship)

Written by Doug Giles on August 26, 2022

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Part of what makes the gospels so spicy is when it talks about realities that make our modern heads spin.

Mark doesn’t shrink back from talking about Jesus dealing with demons. He doesn’t explain it away or try to hide it in sensible language.

When Jesus pronounces his authority over satanic powers, Mark reports it as a straightforward fact. If THAT isn’t enough to mess with your assumptions about sweet Jesus, wait until you look at what you’ve probably been missing in how Jesus deals with some of the nastiest, most debilitating and contagious illnesses of his day.

The Son of God’s reaction to public opinion might make you rethink what you post on your Instagram.

And if you are laboring under the sad assumption that Christian living is some sort of a rigid to-do list written by stuffy people who are afraid to loosen up and enjoy life… you will NOT want to miss this week’s message.

That goes double for any self-confident rules-lawyers that get a kick out of policing the behavior of ‘those’ Christians.

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