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Dick Cheney Says Trump Is The Greatest ‘Individual Threat To The Republic’ In Daughter Liz’s New Ad (VIDEO)

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Rep. Liz Cheney (SquishyR-WY) must be getting desperate. She trotted out Darth Vader in a new ad.

Liz somehow thought it was a good idea to have her dad, the guy that the media called Darth Vader, to stump for her.

You know, the same guy that “woke” Hollywood made a major motion picture about in order to make it look like Satan got tips on how to be evil from Dick Cheney?

In a new video that she posted to her personal Twitter account, Cheney’s dad says that “in our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump.”

He goes on to say that he’s proud of his daughter’s role in the One-Sided Show Trail pushing the January 6 iNsUrReCtIoN narrative just in time for the midterms.

This is simultaneously offensive and hilarious.

It’s offensive because Dick Cheney apparently thinks you’re stupid.

Does Dick not recall that whole John Wilkes Booth assassination of President Lincoln thing right after the Civil War? Or any of the assassinations and attempted assassinations of Presidents? Were those not “threats to the Republic”? How about the leaders of commie domestic extremist groups like the Weather Underground in the 60s and 70s with the terrorism and bombings of federal buildings including the Pentagon and the Capitol in an attempt to start a Revolution? Not big “threats to the Republic” there, Dick?

The hilarious part is that this is the guy that the same media that is currently fawning over Liz Cheney for tap-dancing to the Democrats’ tune on January 6 because of her severe Trump Derangement Syndrome, had called a warmonger, war criminal, and an evil mastermind who was leading President George W. Bush along like a puppy into a “war for oil.”

Dick Cheney says that Trump isn’t a “real man” — which is rich from a guy that shot his friend in the face on a hunting trip. A real man has trigger discipline, Dick.

But it’s also hilarious that Cheney is “proud” of his daughter sitting on the Jan 6 Committee with some of the same Democrats who were very clear that they despised him when he was Vice President.

It looks like Dick raised a staunch defender of the establishment/UniParty/D.C. Swamp where GOP Squishes like Liz live, move, and have their being.

In something completely unrelated, let’s just put this mega-viral ClashDaily article from 2016 right here:

DEAR TRUMP HATERS: If Trump Is ‘Evil’ Then WHY Are His Kids So AWESOME?

But it’s not just Dick Cheney running to defend Liz from a primary ousting.

Axios reports that there is a concerted effort by some establishment Republicans to get Liz Cheney over the finish line in the August 16 Wyoming primary.

The approach is two-pronged — make an appeal to Democrats to cross the aisle and smear Cheney’s Trump-backed challenger, Harriet Hageman.

A group called “Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy” is running ads trying to get Democrats to vote for Cheney in the primary, and another group called “Conservatives For a Strong America” is trying to discredit Hageman as a fake conservative secretly in league with Cheney. The plan by CFSA seems to be to split the anti-Cheney vote between Anthony Bouchard and Denton Knapp, two other candidates challenging Cheney.

So far, WDFD has spent $188,428 in TV and digital ads boosting Cheney in the past month, while CFSA has spent $47,108 attacking Hageman.

Axios reports that Jeff Larson, the chairman of America Rising, a Republican research firm, and Julia Griswold Dailer, a former Trump White House and inaugural committee aide, are involved in the effort.

“Griswold Dailer is listed as WDFD’s campaign manager. Her phone number is listed in advertising disclosures for both WDFD’s and CFSA’s Facebook ads,” reports Axios. “WDFD and CFSA also share a treasurer and use the same digital and marketing vendors, according to Federal Election Commission records and a source code on their websites.”

Interestingly, the attacks that CFSA has been using against Hageman are similar to the ones in Liz Cheney’s ads. What are the odds?

Will it work?

Probably not.

In May, Hageman spoke at a Trump rally in Casper, Wyoming making her case.

Pretty good stuff right there.

But this edited (but fuzzy) clip posted to Twitter shows that she knocked it out of the park by hitting on issues that really matter to voters.

Good luck with that challenge, Liz! Keep bringing your dad out, that’ll really help encourage those Democrats who hated him and said he was the scum of the Earth to cross the aisle.

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