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Do Kamala Harris and Her Ilk Spell the Doom of Western Civilization? Of America?

It was just a random email subject line drifting across my computer screen, but it caught my attention and prompted the question: “Is Western civilization collapsing?

Instinctively and depressingly, I could only answer: Yes, it is.

Exhibit A: Pushing Congress to legalize abortion nationally, last weekend America’s routinely muddle-headed Vice President declared, “Women are getting pregnant every day in America and this [codifying Roe] is a real issue, and we need to act with a sense of haste”.


Some conservative critics misquoted VP Harris as saying “Women are getting pregnant every day in America and this is a real problem“. No, her assertion was not that crass or soullessly blunt. That said, the Veep’s suggestion is egregious enough as is. I mean, when the politician who is one breath from the most powerful office on the planet implies if a woman conceives a child the most attention-demanding concern is the formalizing of the abortion option … you can bet the country she represents has something woefully out-of-whack.   When she isn’t promptly and robustly denounced from all quarters for ventilating such a hideous priority? That woefully out-of-whack factor doubles down.

And additional chilling signals regarding the current state of things proliferate: For instance, more than ever one of America’s two major political parties is unapologetically more passionate about facilitating the killing of unborn people than about their rescue. Notwithstanding that scandal, said party commands the support of roughly half the voting populace. What other conclusion can a decent person draw except the United States — and by extension Western Civilization generally — is on a distressing course toward foundational implosion?

The past couple months, the nation has been inundated with images of mobs of squalling harpies who’ve decided the legalized murder of children in utero is their raison d êtreShout your abortion! they howl. In May, one fresh-faced “pro-choice” militant hoisted a placard which read, “Fetus = Good Snack”. Another lovely bared her conspicuously protuberant baby-bump for a CNN photog; upon which, in symbolically grisly red ink, was scrawled the sentence: “NOT YET A HUMAN.”  Try wrapping your mind around the cogitation that must have gone into that display: I think I’ll use the presence of my soon-to-be-born child to advertise it’s open season on other little ones awaiting delivery.

The term “ghoul” springs revoltingly to mind.

Don’t miss that these are women we’re considering; those designated by nature — and, many of us believe, designed by the Creator — as life-bearers of the human race; those privileged with the near-miracle capacity of ushering brand new persons into the world.  And what has become the focus of their warped energies? The extermination of their offspring.

Words fail.

Nowadays, individuals actually debate the morality of these responses. There are multitudes who gaze on such obscenities and yawn at them. Or, worse, aggressively cheer them on. Then there are the cowardly lawmakers who fidget, preferring to change the subject. The unscrupulous ones, conversely, settle on going all-in with Team Infanticide, figuring it offers them a guaranteed path to job security.

Civilizational disintegration? Sure looks that way.

Mind you, up to a point that which has been torn down can be repaired and restored … again, up to a point. At some juncture, though, the damage may prove too extensive, too all-encompassing. At this discombobulating moment, what’s Western Civilization’s status? Have decades of secularist libertinism pushed conditions too far for its rehabilitation?

For the sake of Western Civ — and more narrowly for the United States of America — we best hope not; and we’d better react accordingly; quickly.

Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.

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